Why is Michael Jordan a rhythm for weight loss?

One of the reasons I love sports (and fitness), has influenced the world's views and how I make decisions about it. God uses it to help me clarify how I live my life and have as many lessons as I have learned.

When I was a kid, I remember Michael Jordan playing a game. It was not too good and missed the shot … badly.

I do not remember the exact play, even if his team won or lost, but the thing that affected me was that he continued the shot. Sometimes his shot came back and the ball continued to move the net.

After the game they were asked and asked what was going on in the mind because he missed his shot. His answer (in advance) came to the conclusion that when he got this kind of experience he knew he would shoot until the "game" came back to him … and that was just a matter of time.

This shocked me at different levels.

  1. The first thing I was surprised was the confidence. He did not panic when the game was on the line, but he had more expectations of coming back. You continued what you knew what to do, no matter what the results you are getting.
  2. The next thing that emerged was that he knew these "jokes" were coming and that he was not free of rehearsals and challenges. There was some rest, because he was honest and knew that this was only a successful process.
  3. I noticed that what you were looking for was momentum or a RHYTHM. When the recording was missing, the movement did not look as smooth as usual. On the other hand, when his shot came back, he began to move easily as if to dance. It was not real.

So how do we apply this to fitness?

Well, the first thing we need is to trust what we know. There are times when they "feel" that what we are doing does not work. If we do the right things consistently, we get to where we want to go.

The next thing we need to understand is that "dives" will come. We are not relieved of the plateaus and the times. We need to know that this is part of the process and it is safe to keep what we need to do.

Finally, we always have to find our rhythm. When we try to reach the goal, it will be difficult first, but there is a point where things are easier to access. There are pockets in the pocket that moves us further than we think. When a shuttle rises, 90% of the fuel is used for the first 8 minutes, but there is a point on the road when it does not require much energy except for direction change.

Like I said, I like sport and fitness. This is a way of life, and if we listen, then we can learn.

Be sure to stick to what you know, work, and target those impulses. You will find the goals and will be proud of you.