Why Allen Iverson is the answer

I think most people have nicknames. Perhaps you can describe your nickname based on your appearance, shape, advantage, social status, or interest. One of the most valuable and invaluable NBA players, Allen Iverson, has the nickname "Answer". Most people feel embarrassed about the reasons for this nickname, I would like to talk to you today.

first in addition, he wanted 25% of all profits earned by Iverson from this nickname. Jameel mentioned that they know each other since 1994. Iverson's mother entrusted Iverson with her care when she started calling Iverson as a "response." In 1996, Iverson left the Georgetown University basketball team and announced that he would join Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA's 1996 draft of the No.1 pick. At that time, they would like to name themselves young people to know their fans as soon as possible. Consequently, Iverson had to follow them to call himself a nickname. Iverson finally chose the answer from the nicknames of all the candidates. Shortly afterwards, Iverson took the first tattoo, the "Answer" arm, and he knew his nickname well for his fans.

2nd since Iverson is in the basketball court. That is why Iverson is called "Answer".

3rd had many youth problems. Mostly Iverson is only 1.83 m tall, which is the purpose of media criticism. Iverson called the "question" to show his doubts about Iverson. However, when Iverson behaved perfectly in the court of Philadelphia, almost every sports reporter was surprised at his excellent performance, which was a strong response to the "Question". From then on, Iverson was called "the answer."

4th Iverson has always reached a decisive and critical conflict in the court to end the game.

5th example: "The answer" is his name Iverson's homophony, so he was the "answer" name. In any case Iverson continues to call himself the "answer". Although nobody agreed with him. Instead, most people only see Iverson's question, for example, they are often late for training, unable to handle the relationship between their coach and his coach. However, Iverson never changed, people who questioned him began to change their opinions about Iverson, and they already accepted Iverson's nickname The Answer.