Who's next Michael Jordan

For many years, huge media madness was about who will be next Michael Jordan, the next superstar basketball player who can stand up to this title. Michael Jordan became a newcomer to the NBA scene in the 1984-1985 season. He was a super defensive player, an explosive player and an all-star for famous dunk shots. While some of his career are centered at ten NBA scoring titles, six NBA championship titles with Chicago Bulls, six NBA final MVP prizes and an impressive total career score above 30 points (the highest in NBA history). These implementations are only a part of many of his masterpiece trophies that he possesses for many others. So the question remains, when and when will this "natural superstar" for the NBA be like Michael Jordan.

The media has compared two players who might be in the incredible talent of Michael Jordan. One of them is the super-talented Kobe Bryant and the other is LeBron James. Both players demonstrated their talent that surpassed the current basketball player in the NBA. Kobe Bryant shone with LA Lakers and has often returned his title. Your performance includes; three NBA, 10 All-Star games, seven defensive teams, two scoring titles and the second highest point in a single game (81 points). Then there is LeBron James: Since the young age, James has set a new record in the NBA, including the youngest player to win the NBA All-Star Game MVP, the youngest to win the Year's Rookie Prize, and get the fastest 1000 points, not to mention that Cleveland Cavaliers are placed back on the map. Both players deserve praise and admiration for their contribution to the NBA. But the question still persists; will another Michael Jordan ever be?