What successful people make you miss

When you think of people who have successful names such as Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet. What was it that led to the achievement of greatness? Different? Do you have a special component or other DNA like other people? There are many features that determine or isolate someone who has reached or achieves the size. What you can read is that you will focus on three features that these people have a key difference: the success of people that unsuccessful people will not do. This is the most important difference.

Set Goal
Everyone who succeeds sets goals. I'm sure you heard it a million times. Do you have any idea where you are in a year or five years? What will be different about your future about your life, and how will it happen? Successful people set goals, but the way in which target settings are managed allows them to actually reach and exceed what they want. Take for example an annual time limit. From now on, you set a goal for a year, achieving a goal for yourself. One year's long journey, so in order for your mind to go there, you have to break this one year for a month, then for a week and then for a day. If you show what you need to do in one day, you can measure your success in a week or so. How do you eat an elephant? One blow at a time. This approaches the goals as well. Another tip is to write your one-year goal on a small piece of paper. Determine what to do every month and every day to accomplish this goal and describe it for your one year goal. Laminate it and put it in your pocket everywhere. Make sure this is the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you see before you hit your pillow at night.

Clear Vision and Focus
If you ever watched Tiger Woods play golf, you will focus on a very different level. Scary. Your competitors can feel and be very intimidating. It switches the clutch to not only determine whether to win a big deal, but also to determine the difference in tens of thousands of dollars. You could imagine being above a golf ball with tens of thousands behind you. If you do, you can win on Master and earn an additional $ 50,000, and the next day you will be the most important game of Sportscenter. But if you miss it, you will not be there and remember that moment for the rest of your life. He practiced this situation so much that he did not choke when the truth was in front of his face. Multiple than you do is the putt.

They are active and are not afraid they will fail
Whether action is good and whether action is good or bad. They do not sit around and wait for everything they get and take. They are decision makers. One thing that someone is successful in sports or business is to retire immediately if something has been fought and failed. Michael Jordan was kicked out of the basketball team in his first year high school. This did not cause him to quit and made him make it harder for the coach the next year. He also won 6 NBAs, 5 MVPs, 6 Finals MVPs, 2 Olympic gold medals, NCAA players and a national championship. He never stopped when the chips stopped. He came back and went to work again.

Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy twice. Many of them abandoned it and were cleansed for the first time. Donald knew he would overcome this difficulty, and he too. In 2007 it amounted to $ 32 million and at that time the net value was $ 1.6 billion. The action continued, and now the Trump Empire reverts everywhere. Mary Pickford is a famous quotation describing both Michael Jordan and Donald Trump. He says, "This is what we call" unsuccessful, "not the fall but the stoppage." Overall, successful people are not genetic phenomena. They are not in their DNA or in their genes. There is nothing but you. What separates them from the average person is that they have goals set, they have a clear vision and, most importantly, they are doing something rather than having someone else succeed. Albert Einstein once said, "Determining crazy is doing the same thing over and over and waiting for other results." Be great, so one day your name will use the article.