Welcome to the real world

I hope that when you decide to skip the dive board and the personal brand pool, you are willing to swim in the deep. In my experience, life-saving is often unavailable when you find yourself struggling to keep up the water. In my case, it was a faux swim, or at least a dignified frog-bird. When I started, I had beautiful success stories and tips about myself, my brand, my services, and so on. Well, boy, boy, I was unprepared to deal with feedback on the market. I did what I said and waited for champagne, strawberries, revenue and many loving and worshiping fans. Have I ever told you to be a bit naive and a bit idealistic? I joined LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media platforms known to man. Then he continued to share my voice with anyone on the planet.

Guess what?

No one was silent. I knew what to do, but I did not know how to do it effectively. Much worse, I was unprepared, and I refused to receive feedback, which was inconsistent with seeing myself. Soon I realized the challenge of brand differentiation. He refused to deal with the reality of my situation. Like the Japanese proverb: "Seven chances, eight lines," I often felt like Mike Tyson's opponent from the early 80's. Continuously gasping, crushed, and I did not know what to do on my feet. Fortunately, I learned some invaluable lessons along the way that helped survive, but succeeded. As a prize player, I had to learn to come from critics. On one side, I never noticed that learning at some points might be so painful!

Tip: Prepare for a "bounce" about you, your experiences, your product, or services, and any other accidental objection you may hear from potential customers. While dressed every morning, make sure your dress (emotional) bulletproof waistline will make some footage. I hope they are not fatal! Take some time to enjoy the journey because you will feel certain at times. The spell is on the other side when it moves. If it was easy, everyone would do it, so concentrate, grind and quit!

Progress is not about perfection!

Unsuccessful is the tuition that you pay for success. – Walter Brunell