Volleyball team building exercises

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win the championship." – Michael Jordan

Teamwork comes from a cohesive team and every team effort is essential to meeting team members. Yesterday at my club there was a complete practice of team building.

The first activity was a team sitting in the circle. There was a small bowl in the center of M & M, and everybody bought as much as they thought they needed them. When each of his teammates held the candy in his hands, so many M & Ms had said something about themselves that was not related to the sport.

For example, one of my camps said she liked butterflies and that her room was covered with posters and paintings. Another teammate said that he and her grandmother were born exactly 50 years later.

The second activity received a blank paper volley for each participant. In the middle panel, enter your name. In the top panel, you write what individual person can bring to the team. In the bottom panel, write what role it will be in the team.

For example, on top of my ball I write my loyalty and integrity because I will be loyal to my team and will keep my word. In the lower panel, I've written it vigorously because I always play in my game and win. After everyone wrote everything, everyone presented the ball to the team and then uploaded it to a postcard with the name of the team.

The third activity described some of the key things that made a good team on the poster. Our team was determined, proud and passionate.

Finally, on the back of the poster, teams have described things that are not tolerable. Our team was a rarity, disrespect and clicks.

The poster is then a successful metaphor. In order to be successful in the season, any team must do all that is in the front and let it stay down from the back.

Another way to team building is to be a challenging task for all of us. It's as simple as learning about every brother, sister, pet, etc. Laugh. This can be a group project where you need to create the highest design from the spaghetti dough. It is possible that all members of the team are tied to their arms and ankles and have to walk on the football pitch.

I'm not saying you will not win games without teamwork. Many decent teams have very little teamwork. But the big team goes from talent to teamwork.

And remember, hard work fights talent when talent is not working hard.