Top 5 Point Guards in the NBA

I like basketball. I think the NBA is my favorite of all the pro sports, even if I'm fantasy football. Nevertheless, I love to sit down for the full basketball game in the spring, especially on Sunday afternoon to playoff time. Ah, I just think I want to re-wish this season. The good news is that while I'm writing this, just a few weeks before the NBA season begins. Here's another thing I want to do to pump myself.

Go on, the most important 5-point guards in the NBA

. Steve Nash. A few years ago, he was the first, but like all good things, he eventually grow old. Nash 36 will be this season and while he is still an exceptional athlete and one of the NBA guards, he slipped in the rankings.

4th Baron Davis. Healthy, maybe even better. The problem with Davis is just that – your health.

3rd Deron Williams. Two years ago I thought it was the second place, but last year it slipped away. Between injuries and inconsistencies it can be said that the 08-09 is a little deteriorated for him. I believe it will turn back.

2nd Chauncey Billups. The Denver Nuggets last year was remarkable.

first Chris Paul. By the end of his career, one can very well name the top-3 points forever, if not.