The Vanderbilt Basketball Ball Moments of the last 7 years

When it comes to college basketball, my favorite team is in question, the Vanderbilt Commodores.

I'm sure I'm biased because I went to school, but this team has had an incredible victory over the past few years. Here is the top 5.

2008 vs. # 1 Tennessee – One year after graduation Vandy was led by leading Shan Foster and Freshman AJ Ogilvy. Two days after Tennessee, Vanderbilt's rivals, beat Memphis # 1, Tennessee was the best team in the country. They only had to play with Vanderbilt and have to break it.

2007 vs. # 1 Florida – At that time, Florida came out of a national championship each player returned. It was expected to be the top spot in the country, although there was no chance against Vanderbilt. After we took the court after the victory.

We must note that he won the national championship again in Florida. So yes, Commodores got the title essentially this year. Funny joke.

2007 vs Washington State – This game was not fun to watch. She was in sweet 16 and started the whole game. Derek Byars did not know in this game and blocked it at a last minute, which literally saved the Commodores & # 39; season. Vanderbilt barely pulled out the win and was a great game.

2007 vs Mississippi State – Shan Foster's final home game at Vanderbilt scored 44 points and totaled 9 points. This game was a great player who could not deserve it.

2003 vs Mississippi State – This SEC is a semi-final game down to the wire. Three times. Vanderbilt won the fantastic Mississippi team with double overtime, led by Matt Freije.