The rise of Lebron James – Michael Jordan alike

Michael Jordan is one of the best players in NBA history, if not the best. After playing a few years in North Carolina, where Tar Heels triumphed over Patrick Ewing's Georgetwon Hoyas at the NCAA, Jordan decided to jump to the NBA – the operational word jump. In the first few years, when other young players fought, Jordan quickly demonstrated his strength. His craving athleticism and pressure-bearing behavior led to his own name – Superman

Fast for 20 years to this day. Now Lebron series. Instead of college ball, Lebron James went straight from high school to the NBA. In the last 4 years, all basketball fans have become trampled everywhere in every city. He's the whole package. Can shoot, get into the basket, go through and defend it. In short, you can play the game.

But may you ask yourself, "Is LeBron really comparable to Michael Jordan, just because he is a good player?"

The answer is yes. Below is a list of similarities that have to be convinced of why.

(1) Both are number 23. Now this is a simple coincidence, but frankly, it is very interesting that the most skilled player in the future potential, who has since entered the tournament since leaving Jordan, holds the same number.

(2) Both of them have names that designate capabilities that place them on a higher plain than other fields. Michael Jordan was named Superman, Lebron, King James. Now why did Lebron get that title? Other good players such as Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Tim Duncan have joined the tournament. But they do not have the honor that Lebron James has given. Wondering a little. [3] Both Lebron James and Michael Jordan have the terrible ability to acquire will. Like Jordan for the 90s, Lebron won 29 of the last 30 Cavaliers for one of the most exciting championships in the championship. It can not be like fluke in any case. Apart from Lebron James and Michael Jordan, they also make players better. Contrary to the other leaders of the tournament (ahem, Kobe Bryant, ahem) when players play with Lebron, for some reason they are career-year-olds. You may think Steve Nash does this, so he's like Jordan. Although it's true that Nash makes it better for everyone, he can not take over the game like Lebron and Jordan. Lebron is the only player in the game who can be a ballpoint pen and a toy maker from the same night, from day to day. [4] Do you remember raising Jordan at the top of the NBA? He took his career during his early career, but took the championship for a while. Likewise, Lebron's career started almost every year in the playoffs, only the opposition prevented it. And who is this opposition from year to year? The pistons. Wait, who was Jordan in trouble in the playoff career? Oh, yeah, the pistons. And who finally Jordan and Lebron have defeated the championship? The pistons. Pretty similar, do not you think? Does this mean that Lebron James would reflect Jordan's career and become one of the best players in history? Maybe yes maybe not. But their early career is very similar to I'm not surprised if Lebron really does things like Jordan.

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