The real game of football

I was recently a member of a mission team of 15 people who were transported from Minco, Oklahoma, Mexico to Nuevo Progresso. Our group was between two teenagers and two teenagers before. Our goal was to build two concrete blocks for a Mexican family. As we worked, the Mexican children in the neighborhood went to see what we were doing, and they and our children came together so naturally that the kids did things. They talked and met; the difference in language was not an obstacle.

But he simply had to do more than talk to each other. Children are designed to play. Soon an old, but useful, soccer ball appeared and the games started. They played hard. They were very entertained. They laughed very much. Nobody kept the score. The lineup changed every time they played. If someone scored a goal, the other "team" took the ball and came back immediately. Adults did not participate in any way; we just enjoyed them. We did not take over and did not give them any rules or any "workout". These were the kids who play kids games and enjoy the game and enjoy each other.

Now let's see what we're doing. Kids play with kids toys, such as Soccer, organized teams and leagues. We put them in uniform and gave them the names to create a personal identity for the team. We determined the rules, the playing field, the length of the playing time. We have determined that in each case we must be victorious and losers. We have introduced or designed coaches to help children improve their performance. We have allowed parents and other viewers to watch them play the game, as the games played on the evening and on the weekend. We have built playgrounds with lights and we have a place for spectators.

Within these constants, it is imperative to keep the game's positive qualities in perspective. And further, and perhaps above all, we should not replace the joy of the children's play with the needs and goals of coaches and parents. If adults want to participate, we must do this by becoming a responsible member of the team and share with our children all the joy and pain that the natural elements of the company – children and the game

Children in the team, in your home, are you so entertained by playing as kids and Mexican kids in Nuevo Progresso? If not, why not? What happened on the road? I am convinced that the kids can have fun in the organized tournament, with uniforms, rules, coaches, viewers, victories and successes, and yes, even with the loss, but it takes a lot of time for hard work, good thinking and the right action, who have leading responsibilities. We have a lot of work to do this.

Incidentally, before we left the Nuevo Progresso, our group bought some gifts to go with new friends in Mexico – there were two new footballers among the gifts. for children.

The foundation of the business: Kids play children's play and enjoy the game and enjoy each other.