The first steps of online marketing

The first steps we go through when we have decided to take action on online marketing are some of the things we need to think about.

– Why do I want to sell it online?

– What to do Do I want to sell online?

– What can I do about online marketing?

If the answer is "I do not know," today is your lucky day. I share some of the steps you've gained from online marketing with endless testing and tweaking.

Why do you want to sell it online?

Online marketing is simpler than offline marketing, because online marketing takes care of yourself and makes money on autopilot?

If this last answer is a big surprise. There is no such thing as EASY or AUTOPILOT in online marketing. Well, certainly not, but many people are thinking. Online marketing is simple but not easy. That means you need a lot of work to set up and constantly bump and test to maximize your efficiency and profit. I hope I did not scare her now. Online marketing is very fun and has friends all over the world.

So where do you start when you find out why?

A particular market. A niche. It's as simple as that.

So what's the niche and where do I find it on the market?

Well, there are many places to find it. First of all. You want to target a gap that is really profitable. What you do not want, you can go to a market where no one buys anything or a gap that is very low. You want a niche that's in the trend, I mean. This is what everyone is talking about and what people are interested in learning, using and purchasing.


Online marketing learning is a great companion where a lot of people are looking for day-to-day information. Currency to find a cabin you need to look at the trends

Have you seen the basketball on the water pipe?

In any case, the trends of people's interest and people

What are people looking for?

What are your most important concerns?

When it comes to online marketing, these are the most important questions to find answers. So you have to do research. I told you something. I understand a lot. Basically you can say that online MARKETING is about MARKET research. If you know what you want on the market, then you know what to expect. If you want to stay in the online marketing game. Keep track of your daily activities.

After 1 year, you have loads and lots of information that you can use. By then your online marketing business will have a lot more to you and you will have a different view. By then, he probably forgot how he was when he wanted to learn online marketing. Why not keep up to date and use it when you decide to teach a spouse, a friend or a new member of online marketing.

What were your questions then?

Well, that's easy for you now. They ask this today. So keep them down as research into a later project and take note of the struggles, issues and gaps in learning online marketing. Now just to get started to use it in the future.

What's going to happen now? You are right now when you have problems. How do you solve them and go to your online marketing business?

Here it is …

You have some skills, I'm sure.

Are these skills relevant to marketing and business?

If not, then you might want to consider getting these skills before you leave your business. Whether online or offline. The first thing you need to do is assess the skill tree. A simple theoretical map can do the trick, or just a list you can. Calculate how well you are and are good at qualification.

Find the top 3 skills that are most effective for you. Very good? Great!

You're all profitable money-making . This would mean that they make money for you (a little fantasy and imagination) If not, take the next skill. This is the main focus from the very beginning. Now emphasize the lower abilities of 3, that you are not very, but still savvy, but still in the context of the best abilities. These are the skills to focus on learning. 1 be online marketing

Apply the same rule as the supreme skills, but with the small tweak, Use and increase the top 3?


Now you have some skills to be good and focus on learning. Over time, you will have 6 skills to be very good.

Go through this article and apply the steps.