The congress gets Juiced Over MLB, NFL, NBA

MLB, NFL and NBA leaders have all been present before Congress, the current issues of using steroid / HGH are still unanswered. Everyone says the right thing, but what about the results?

Steroids are no longer the 800-strong gorilla in the room where nobody speaks. It's still in the room, but the Congress really was effective in starting a conversation where NBA, NFL and MLB did not.

To protect their own interests, pulling, kicking and screaming in our country's biggest sport to appear before Big Brother, hoping to get some sort of MLB, NFL and NBA clean steroids and HGH.

It's unfortunate that bigger sports have to face their dirty laundry bags with congress. Finance, as always, regulates the day for larger sports, helping them to lose eye while players (supposedly) (d) use steroids, HGH, and who knows what else.

This is a sad day for MLB, NFL and NBA sports and sports enthusiasts. As I wrote earlier, who knows what's real about the race and who knows what steroid fuel is? We will never know the last result of the past 15 to 20 years and I'm afraid the problem will only be worse with HGH and other designers that are on the market. It is also ashamed that we as a country have to lose the politicians. time and effort to clean up the catastrophe.

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