The 1996 Chicago Bulls – A Team of Ages

During the 67 years of the NBA, he saw great teams. Teams such as Bill Russell led the Boston Celtics to winning 11 NBA championships, Showtime Lakers in the 80s, 1983 Philadelphia 76ers, and even Boston Celtics in the 80s. However, one of these great teams will not be close to the 1996 Chicago Bulls, the only team in NBA history to win 70 wins a season. No other team has won 70 games since the Bulls in recent years.

In the final of the Eastern Conference, a young Orlando Magic team was disappointed with the loss, the Bulls determined that Jordan returned for the first full season since his retirement, and was determined to take the league in a storm. Bulls decided to include one of the most important pieces of a championship puzzle in 1996 to get Dennis Rodman in a trade.

Rodman was not foreign to Jordan and the Bulls, the Detroit Pistons. With Rodman, Bulls finally got a defensive anchor and got a clean bouncing machine inside the paint. At the start of the 1996 season, Bulls immediately sent a message to the whole tournament that it was the fastest team in NBA history to reach 41 victory points. NBA record was also set up and 33 victories on the road, and it was only a game that hit the Boston Celtics record for the best home records in history.

Many fans and analysts are grateful to the 1996 Chicago Bulls for the largest team in the NBA history and one of the biggest in sports. The number of results achieved in the season would be difficult to argue with. This year, Bulls had 3 players in All NBA defensive team (Jordan, Pippen, Rodman), MVP (Jordan), Coach of the Year (Phil Jackson) and many NBA records along the way. And not to mention that Dennis Rodman won this startling title this year.

This historic Bulls team covered an almost imperfect season to win the NBA championship in six matches against Seattle Supersonics and forever confirmed its status in the annuals of sport history