Team Captain 500 – There is no problem in the NBA

This year, in the NFL, where Wild Card teams achieved a .688 winner, Kansas City bosses are 10-6. Major League Baseball saw that San Diego Padres won its division and won a $ 50 prize game in 2005, but it was an abnormality. This season all the other MLB matches won 90 or more 162 games. Over the past five years, 98% of the baseball teams have won 90 (.556) or more games and none of them lost a record. The NBA is Different

In the 2003-2004 NBA playoffs, four eight oriental conference teams, in honor of the second season, reached a record of .500 or lower. In the Atlantic Division, Boston Celtics's 8th seed, one of the strongest franchises in professional sports history, had 36-46 (.439) records in the playoffs. On 39-43 (.466) the New York Knicks were not much better. In the Central Division, New Orleans and Milwaukee, seeds 5 and 6, completed at .500.

Next year, there were no more than 500 teams in the competition, but New Jersey, Seeds 7th 43-39, and Philadelphia, Eighth Seeds, 42-40 (.5221) it was a marginal one. This year, when we approach the middle of the professional round, it's clear that there is a good chance that up to four of the 500 teams – 25% of the playoff mix – will be shooting

Milwaukee Bucks, the current 6th. seed, 19-18 years (.514); Philadelphia 76ers holding seed 7, 18-20 (.474); and the wizards of Washington, the possible eighth core 17-20 (.459). Washington is likely to be a fierce competition for the final Eastern Conference position on the 16-22 Chicago Bulls, 15-23 in Boston Celtics and 14-22 in Orlando Magic.

Although the Western Conference is traditionally relieved of this dilemma, this year is different. The current eighth seed, Utah Jazz, a game over 50000, and at least three other teams – Minnesota, Golden State and New Orleans / Oklahoma City – have more losses than wins,

Of course, a system that championships competitiveness, its benefits to its owners, players and fans. Although teams remain in the mix, this system is able to attract fans of the hometown. However, the system leads to worse teams that are in a post-season situation where they have no chance to compete.

There are some reasons why the NBA has such a problem. But the most important reason is simply money. The NFL has long paid for cap; NHL has just launched one; and MLB made a half-hearted attempt. The theory behind the effective salary restriction, such as the NFL and NHL type, is that when teams spend only a certain amount they will be forced to spend a team. Another way for a credit card is to ban one or two teams from paying excessive amounts of money to capture all stars, thereby compensating for the playing field. (This is why the MLB toll does not really work, it does not do it, and it's not a real cap.) It may be a surprise – the NBA has a payment surcharge. This year, $ 49.5 million is needed per team. However, the NBA has a "soft" cap, a headband, in fact, which means a number of loopholes that allow clubs to still break the bank on the payouts.

The soft cap is very limited to manipulating control costs. This can have catastrophic results for teams and championships. Some teams occupy this one-man player with a huge multi-year contract, but because of their own budget constraints, they can not afford to support him with role-playing players. And if this is the primary guy at the end of the season, the entire season's season is over.

People with deepest pockets find the cap and find two or three trademarks, while teams with small bankrolls have no power to attract the best talent. Then there are organizations that spend money on young talents and this talent does not break. If a player has a big contract and does not perform, then it is impossible to trade and still have to pay.

The fact that the purpose of the restriction of payments is precisely to deny what is happening in the NBA; a soft cap designed to simply circumvent the basic provisions and to secure payment capability.

The end result is power imbalance, which means that it can be in 16 playoff positions, but in fact there are only 12 playoff teams. The last three or four slots are filled by non-competitive teams just because the seats are there

This year, if the Celtics or Sixers or Jazz or any other club, Does anyone feel worthy of the potential NBA champion? The NBA has two possible solutions – a real pay-as-you-go or a 12th team competition scenario.