Summer Basketball Workout Plan – How to Encourage Players?

For a long time basketball coach and fan of basketball game I often ended the basketball season at the banquet saying these words: "Basketball teams November to March, basketball players April to October are made ". Then I ask the players what plans they have for the spring and summer seasons. I hope they will play other sports such as baseball or lacrosse, but I would also like to play basketball regularly this season.

Basketball is the toughest sport to leave for a while and comes back with the expectation that the shot and the choking touch will still be tactful – it will not. Basketball Conditioning is often an ignored aspect of youth basketball. Whether you are working in grade 6 or high school, you can get a lot of good summer training schedule and the agenda to follow. I worked out a basketball training that seems to fit very well with the ability and intensity of many players' players. The program takes 90 minutes and helps develop basketball training in speed, strength, ball management and shooting.

With this training program, I will give a table to each player to describe how much they play in the game and perform their basketball training every spring and summer. The chart has a simple time, how many basketball exercises have been completed, how many basketball conditioning and weightlifting sessions took place, and how many free throws per day as part of making 10,000 free throws every summer (111 daily during the summer) and it helps the percentage and missed proportions. I would like to keep the table in the summer and give me the first day of school. The form is also used before the start of the season before the season, so players know that they care about their summer job. It helps to emphasize basketball training.

Here is the workout – you can freely use it as you wish.


Spherical Treatment –

– Drill without sting (5 minutes) – Figure 8 (forward and backward), rhythm, head / waist / feet (F & B), tap (high or low).

– Drills for dripping (5 minutes) – Figure 8, fingertips, cross, 2-ball drills – Drills for knee and waist, alternative height – at the same time and then alternate time. The drills are still moving.

– moves in motion (5 minutes) – during running – alternate right and left hands – switch, spin, through feet (from outside – outside), from behind. Hold your head and focus on the weaker hands.

Speed ​​- 30 seconds of rest in each minute of the jump and

Jump for rope

multiple repetitions. These are done as quickly as possible. Right leg – 15 seconds, Left leg – 15 seconds, Changing leg – 15 seconds, Both legs – 15 seconds.

– Ball Jump – Put a basketball on the floor. Jump sideways for 15 seconds, then back for 15 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds. 3 Reps to begin with 5 times and build up with time. Build the ability not to jump between jumps.

Passing –

– Pass through a wall or a friend – 2 handshakes on return (5 minutes). The bounce step, the overhead line, the runway (grip, pivot and overhead line) and the side skirt (bouncing from the hip – with 2 hands).

Photography –

– One hand from 8 to 10 feet flip – (make 8 to 10, then move on). The aim of the summer is to shoot all the boys over their heads with their proper shape – feet with the right footwork and a suitable wrist spring for the purpose.

– Mikan drills – every 30 seconds. Work on both front and back (for basket) drills.

– 50 shots were dissolved (a total of 100). Mix the following moves and mix the distances and areas from which to shoot: Simulate shooting down the pause (fast pull up), move the movement of the shot (crossover, stuttering step, outward) and standing motion – fake drive and shoot both from the side. Make 5 sets of 10 shots between 2 free throws for the rest – repeating complete set 2 times.

– 50 shots from the pass (100 in total) – Blend the next with someone or a spin back (spin back): Enter the shot with your inner leg. Use both the inner and the outer columns with the square up. If you work with someone, always V-Cut before you get to the ball. Do not forget to catch the ball with your knees bent to allow for fast release. Make 5 sets of 10 shots between 2 free throws for the rest – repeating complete set 2 times.

– 30 shots of counterfeiting shot and surrender (altogether 90). This drill uses the pump's forger before making a recording. Versions are used to pump counterfeits to get shot and fake to shoot. Make 3 10, 2 free throws to rest – repeat 3 times.

Every shot must be taken out of the game speed – rest on free throws and not at speed.