Real Madrid – The World's Best Football Club

Not only are the world's most successful clubs, but the richest in the world according to the latest cash analysis, which publishes its research results annually. Yes, it is true that Real Madrid is the richest club in the 2006-2007 season, probably in the 2007-2008 season, but the results are not over yet.

So what makes Real Madrid not only clearer, but more significantly, the most successful ones. Not statistics do not lie and do not talk about themselves more often. In order for any club to succeed, only two titles can be and should be approved, the League and Champions League, the rest of the teams are just formalities, as you all know (not much to do in Sao Paulo's finals) I will not ignore leave smaller trophies here, let's see that most of the big football clubs are playing against Madrid Galacticos.

Manchester United won only two league leagues, the European Cup and the other in 1999 with 16 league titles.

* Barcelona also won two championship league trophies and 18 league titles

* Liverpool won the competition five times, with 18 league titles

* Inter Milan has 2 championship titles and 15 league titles.

* Ac milan has 7 championship titles and 17 league titles.

There are other big clubs, but they just started to grow, so they simply ignore them for a moment.

Fina Real Madrid won 9 championship titles and 30 league titles. I've listed all the big clubs in Europe, and no club can negotiate or approach the records of the Spanish powerhouse. So, proving what I've just mentioned, Real Madrid is the undisputed champion of champions

Real Madrid is the only team that holds the championship after winning the title for five consecutive times

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