Prize Pool – NBA Streak Betting System to win

Any of us who has started playing sports betting over the years has heard of the great "systems" that win! Many of us probably tried these systems and had only limited success. Some systems, such as the lower ranked favorite in the dormitory, ATS winners three straight on the road network, and many others were over time. However, to be good, you have to be careful and up-to-date.

I'm always tracking the systems of the stripes, thanks to the fact that I'm the biggest trust in the line-ups. I've always assumed that over time, Vegas will align the lines to offset the loss of winning streaks and follow the public. This season, the numbers on the line are based on three straight Over / Under or ATS based on surprising results. This system is in the second half of the seasonal system and currently produces 60-70% winners.

The strongest tendency is for teams to score a total of three straight games, three straight and if the team scores three straight or loses ATS three straight. One would think playing the streak, but if you did it, you would lose money in the fourth game.

The order of the rest of the NBA system is the next, and each of these positions has reached more than 58% and two more than 60%. Find some teams that line three straight lines and take the fourth. This is based on Vegason, which sets the tape surface.

Find teams that are moving straight to the three and receive the fourth game. This was more than 60% in the season and nearly 70% in the second half. Now, a twist, common thinking would be to bet on a team that went through three straight streams. However, this is losing. This season, the teams who went straight through the three, in the fourth game they are about 60%, so in the fourth game three straight forward takeovers are made.

Betting ATS follows a similar weird bolt. Teams covering three straight games lose ATS in the fourth. Bet on a team that has three straight lines. However, if a team lost three straight ATS, go ahead and win against them in the fourth game. The three straight line lost teams lose the fourth game by about 60%.

There are always teams that play 7,8,9 straight, and now we do not want to discuss this. Stay in touch with the games that involve teams that follow straight 3 streaks and do not worry about games 5, 6, 7.

Keep it alive as I will cover many different angles and systems and the validity of everyday gaming!

Stay tuned for the rest of the regular NBA season, and you'll profit. Build up your bankroll and get ready for the playoffs!