One on One Basketball

There are hardly any players who do not like One on One basketball. I remember when a kid played the driveway. Here's what happened in my mind. The clock lasts 10 seconds. Kent has the gate. He is facing his people – One on One. Swallows his men. 5 ….. 4 ….. 3 ……

Kent straight to the man and straight to the hoop. 2 ……

Kent puts the ball 1 ……… (Beep!)

Kent is just winning the Indiana Pacers NBA Championship!

Have you ever been there?

I know I've been in this scenario many times.

Read on. Here are some basic tips for playing basketball.

Some Basic Keys for Individual Movements Jab Step – A short, fast move on one side of the opponent, but toward the basket.

1. Jab and Go

Take a punch. If the defender does not respond, take the ball straight into the flange. Drive as close to the protector as possible.

2. Rocker

Take a punch. If the defender responds, pull back for a jumping.

3. Rocker and Go

Take a punch and run back as if you're gonna shoot a jumping shot. As the defender responds to the attempted shot, take the ball to the circle.


Jab Step Practices

Simply players can work without their footwork without a guard. Exercise of footwork requires time – but it is indispensable.

Static Defense Drill

Players are in pairs – a compensation and a defense. The attacking player begins in a three-way threat position and performs the blow and the run, the roller and the roller, and runs at 1/2 speed. As your leg develops, the attacking player moves at 3/4 speed and then at full speed.

Emphasize: Protect the ball. Maintaining balance. It is a long and explosive first step.

Committed Dummy Defense

Players are in pairs – One indemnity and one defense. The Defender passes the ball to the offense, who moves immediately. This drilling leads to life protection once the crime has run out.

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