NBA: Union files are unfair labor practical fees

The Players 'Association has filed two unjust accusations of work with the National Labor Relations Council against the NBA against the new introductory ball and the rebellion against the players' complaints.

Dallas owner Mark Cuban said this move was very necessary for the NBA position. The Cubans have been sharp critics of the new ball, and how the tournament handled complaints from players and criticized criticism for their criticism. Many players repeatedly complained about the introduction of a new ball containing a microfiber composite. The new ball is a big question, but it is much more concerned with the "zero tolerance policy" this season.

David Stern, NBA Commissioner, said he introduced policy in order to prevent players from responding too much behind calls. Since the beginning of the season, the new policy has been aimed at raising technical irregularities. But players will impose fines on any technique that will get the trade union leader Billy Hunter to endanger the League for legal action if the referees over-apply the rules.

Like Mavericks & # 39; player player Jerry Stackhouse explained that the flaw is a basketball tradition and is trying to stop it.

During the 255 season, this season called over 175 sporty techniques. By comparison, one-third of the last season was less technical than last season. But it is worth noting that this is the same as the two years ago. Hunter explained that the role of the union in protecting members, after consulting their membership and the leadership of the player, decides that this is the right action.

Players felt that they were both eligible for change before being started. They claimed that the League did not consult with them about the two major changes that took place this season.