NBA trade deadline names to keep an eye on

Who are the most likely commercial candidates for the trading deadline? No one really knows, experts are wrong about 50% of the time, who say they will trade, so let's just look at how good some of these people are moving. Competitors who do not have the same pool (Lakers) are teams that are looking for big names (Rockets) and teams with extra pieces (Kings and Pacers).

  • Carmelo Anthony (Nuggets) – This really does not require a long explanation. The most likely target is the Knicks, after the Russian billionaire pulled the lead at the Nets-Nuggets store for a long time. The big question I have not seen, "Can Anthony and Amare succeed in the same team"? Amare needs an additional defensive center like Tyson Chandler to help his team get better, I do not know if Melo solves all the problems.
  • Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince (Detroit) – All or both of them have to trade. I want to see Rip City going to Chicago and finishing his list. Taysha has to revive his career with a good team who does not have to play for him. Tayshaun would be interesting in Dallas, now that Butler is in the course of the year.
  • James Posey (Pacers) – Did you forget the Pacersen? I'm also riding on the bench as a underpowered Power Forward team that stops with his new coach. Why do not you bring it back to Boston and let Marquis Daniels play a minute? Indiana probably sells another Mid-West White College All-Star PF, that's right, Luke Harangody!
  • Ron Artest (Lakers) – The Lakers told the media that they needed to trade to shake things up with the team and the only man they would be trading with would be Artest. I do not think they will be able to relocate his contract, but he is most likely to have the double champion doing anything.
  • Carl Landry (Kings) – I do not know who the team would need Landry in return, but he is a free agent at the end of the year, and maybe he can get something for him not just let him walk. The Magician could have used Bass, who now suffered another ankle injury.

Is this the year that Rockets packs his assets to a franchise player? The only way that at 11pm the deal will not work with the Knicks and Rockets offers a comfortable package for Carmelo and tries to persuade her to stay in Houston.

Can someone steal HL Mayo? I think the teams are trying to pay for Mayo's recent suspension, and no one will offer some decent great complement, but remember, Chris Wallace is still in GM Memphis and waiting for anything.