NBA Midseason Awards

The All-Star break is over and it's time to award the NBA Midseason Prize. These various NBA awards are awarded at this point of the season, not necessarily those who think we will win the prize when they are released later on.

MVP: Derrick Rose – NBA fans have heard enough that Rose and the Bulls only Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah have played together this season in nine games and are still the 2 hearts of the Eastern Conference. Is it possible that other super-stars do what Rose does with the little talent around it? Only a few players were able to transfer a team as Rose had long since eliminated Bulls, so he was the lead candidate. Lebron assassinated the worst troops in Cleveland for years, for better records, and showed 2 MVPs. Kobe Bryant started fighting with the terrible Lakers teams in 2005 and 2006 who had worse records, but had less talent (Kwame Brown was probably the third best player on these teams.) Watch out for the statistics. while never winning MVP deserved its efforts.

What's the point? At the beginning of the season, the Bulls resembled the Lebron Cleveland team; solid starters and carpenters, but was not a real second chance at the end of the attack, especially when Carlos Boozer was injured by hand, but Rose was forced to go to the top of the Eastern Conference. Shortly after Boozer returned from injury, Bulls lost Joachim Noah, the team's best defensive man and runner-up, and once again had to restore the Bull and succeeded again with no 22-8 Noah. The MVP prize is the most valuable player, not the best, and Rose was even more valuable than ever.

Guardian of the Year: Kevin Garnett – Garnett is the heart and soul of the Celtics, and while his offensive abilities have died with age, his defense has never been better. Block numbers are set, but everyone knows that the Guardian of the Year is not about statistics, but about the impact. The only guy who has a greater physical impact on defense, Dwight Howard, but Garnett is the best defensive team in the camps because of his mental impact. His intensity was odd, and while he knew that just pick on youngger, smaller players, he was intimidating players of all ages, sizes and skills. All I said was astonished, I watched Garnett this weekend at the All-Star festivals.

Garnett was sitting on the court side of the Dunk Contest, and celebrated with a big smile and joy at the Miami Heat guard near Dwyane Wade. This might seem like an incredible surprise, but it was about a Garnett expression, every time he and Wade jumped high or five together, responding to the hoarse choking feces, he would catch a mocking smile on his face. Garnett's friend is the same guy he will fight for at the Eastern Conference and to play with him with a competitive advantage, even if Wade loses a bit of competitiveness against Celtics and Garnett is worth it. Celtics and Garnett especially seem to have chips on their shoulders this year, and this is the result of last year's final in Lakers. Every Celtic saw saw the confetti falling from the Staples Center raft and hearing the cheers of the Lakers fans who would tempt them forever. It seems they have decided never to allow it to happen again, and the Garnett's defense and playing style has reflected this mentality.

Simply put; the best defender of the best defensive team describes something, so Garnett is my DPOTY.

Rookie of the Year: Blake Griffin, write something else? Just go to YouTube for "Blake Griffin". (Bad John Wall was injured all year, otherwise it was really a race.) 1969002] Coach of the Year: Greg Popovich, Pops took a Spurs team that was foreseen and completed the best record in the championship while Tim Duncan was on average career prospects. The Bulls Tom Thibodeau is a close second, but Popovich is still ahead.

In the 6th year of the year: Jason Terry, Terry's career goes far beyond the field and the arc, almost 20 points for the Mavericks game … blah blah blah. Just be honest who is interested in this award? The sixth man is important, but what makes Jason Terry more important than JJ Barea? I say if we hand over the donation of the sixth year of the year to the 12th year of the year, Brian Scalabrine would set them up like Jordan, MVP. There may be statistics for the 12th person: Cheers Per Game, how loud, supportive, and coherent is cheering. DJ Mbenga would have a loud flare, but he would have been hurt in this category when his team only heard mockers and "Baby Ruth" songs such as The Goonies, Sloth. Another stat: Towel Waving Velocity, how fast and enthusiastic the great voices and sounders celebrating the 12th wavy towel. Kevin Love set the Record Wave Velocity record at the 2010 FIBA ​​Championship while riding a gold medal on the bench.

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