NBA Marketing Strategies in China

Have you heard about Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan? They are all representatives of the NBA (National Basketball Association), which organizes exciting basketball in the United States. This organization has a great impact on the sports community, not just in the US, but also worldwide because it is international in business. How can it be so popular in the world? 5 marketing strategy.

  1. First of all, NBA is tied to brands of other brands, such as McDonald's and Nokia, for brand alliances.
  2. Second, he began placing the Pre-Regular Season Games
  3. Third, several Chinese players were introduced to the various NBA teams, such as the main headquarters for Chinese Ming Yao.
  4. Fourthly, the NBA cooperates with CCTV -5 (the largest Chinese sports channel) in distribution in China. The NBA empowered CCTV to broadcast its game, and through CCTV, the NBA presented its brand not only to basketball but also to the Chinese public.
  5. Finally, the NBA is trying to develop the market in most Asian countries. In the next few years, the NBA encourages many teenagers to play basketball and hire some to join the basketball team.

In summary, the NBA's 5 major marketing efforts in Asian countries and the Asian marketing of Asian consumers were successful. The NBA is truly a prominent player. As the organization knows that the world is affected by the marketer today, it is very important to use marketing strategies in the sport. Especially need to develop the largest market of Asia like China, connect Asia to link the world.