NBA leak forecast

Tomorrow begins the largest 40-day session throughout the year. True, the NBA playoff is here. With a lot of stars, titles and competitions, the 2011 postsyness is legendary.

(1) Bulls vs (8) Pacers

If I'm a Chicago Bulls, I'm terrified that I'm playing an opponent in the Playoffs opening line, especially a talented team like Pacers. Indiana is ready for a deep run … okay, I can not do it. Pacers will be lucky enough to take the lead in the fourth quarter, not to mention winning a game.

Although the Pacers playoff run is short-lived, I'm excited to see Tyler Hansbrough's battle Joakim Noah. Just not enough players are trying to be as difficult as these two. They are not too talented and are not wonderful atheism or size, but they have individual hearts more than most college colleges. I appreciate the players who are successful because they are trying hard. It's no coincidence that Noah and Hansbrough will be my first choice for the "NBA players they want to see on the MMA event." I'm sure the game will last for at least five hours.

(2) Heat vs (7) 76ers

I love the 76s and cheat Heat. I think both feelings are exponentially increasing throughout the series. Despite the loyalty, the 76 have a 0.0094% chance to go to Miami. However, I expect Doug Collins and Co. to launch six series of competitions. I know it sounds crazy, but listen to me.

First, Chris Bosh runs from great moments like when I start from snakes, crocodiles and people between Wal-Mart, 1-7. Secondly, despite the fact that the entire NBA is required throughout the regular season, the intensity of the playoff game is still at a different level. Heat did not play together long enough for the transition to run smoothly (or I say). Third, it's not like the 76's are not here. Do not forget that Philadelphia gave Orlando what he could handle two years ago and was close enough to jump in the series to 3-1. There are different coaches, but the seed is still there. Four, Andre Iquodala, are just as good at defending LeBron James as in the NBA. LeBron will get the number, but what is the cost of the Heat offensive flow? Fifth, Elton Brand is the best player in the series … I'm sorry, just make sure she does not sleep. Sixth, there is nothing else. It is condemned. Hopefully Doug Collins will join TNT as a separate guest at the first round.

(3) Celtics vs (6) Knicks

I'm not willing to write Celtics. I do not accept being too old or too injured. If Boston does not meet, Miami will be in the NBA Finals. I do not know. (No, I do not think Chicago can handle the Heatles in a series.) I'm a 76ers fan, but since they have essentially reached the decade, I have always supported at least one team title. Recently, Celtics (and Spurs is). I like good basketball teams. The "team" is the operational word.

Recently, Celtics has fallen faster than Kobe's popularity in the hot community. Blame is trade, flaws, flaws, anyone, or whatever you want. I really do not care. I've been Long For Long.

I seriously think. How can a point guard look unlimited on 15 feet and still can not jump? It's not like this information is brand new. We knew he could not shoot three years ago. What is this guy in offseason?

Do you remember Tony Parker during the day? The guy could not have exactly three legs unless he was a supermodel. Do you know what he did? He received a trainer, fired a basilion bullet in the offseason before, during, and after practice, and itself threatened to bait open jumps. Rondo could not shoot at an open shot when the ball was thrown into a football goal. This is awkward. My son has a better shot rate and did not know if he has a right or left hand. Despite all this, I want the Celtics to come to the man and find the bounce. Of course they need a healthy Shaq to actually have a chance, but Ray Allen and Paul Peirce must also find their attacking feel and Rondo to get their heads out of the sand. This is the last term of Doc Rivers. Probably the last run of Celtics is also likely. Do not go out against the Heat. Just please do not.

Did I write Carmelo, Amare, and Knicks? You can be sure. I'm sorry. You will not win an address, at least as the best player in the team. Mark, close, and send me hatred letters if it turns out to be bad. [4] Magic vs (5) Hawks

While the East does not boast in the West, it still has three legitimate titles (four, depending on how much you believe in Dwight Howard). Without question, Howard has its own size and ability to win a series. His supporters are the worst of the East's competitors, so even getting to the finals of the conference would be a surprise. Still, I think Orlando can beat the Roses ankle in the second round, but we're going to do it differently.

Now the spell has to stop the Hawk from getting out of one of the circles. Before he showed them that Orlando had taken the Hawks to the 2010 playoffs, remember that Orlando had moved to Atlanta this season by 1-3. Can we expect more in the playoffs? I do not keep the air. Hawks have a number of fantastic basketball players. But as a team they are only slightly above average. Only Al Horford has his origin to lead a day in the championship team. Joe Johnson greatly, enormously, exceedingly exceedingly, Josh Smith is a human outstanding roll, but not much else, and Jamal Crawford of J.R. Smith's East Coast Version – a great scorer and that's the point. In other words, in Atlanta there are no stones in the post season. I know the magic bench is as amazing as Joe Blanton, but Dwight Howard is still Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson. a fantastic season. He is the lawful candidate for the NBA coach of the Year. Hollins respected the Grizzly again. Despite injuries, he led Memphis into the playoffs, and most of the players were described. Hollins sure Memphis is in the right direction. Unfortunately, however, Hollins' greatest defeat of coach was at the worst time of the season;

See, Hollins decided to play San Antonio Spursen more than the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the playoffs. What's wrong with him? Nothing. It still makes sense. Every year the Grizzlies played diligently at the Spurs, even the 2-2 season. The history of Memphis Zack Randolph and Marc Gasol has raised problems like the undersized Spurs. This is true; Memphis fits better against San Antonio than in Los Angeles.

Yet, the Spurs are the tallest core for Western reasons. Hollins' big mistake made it clear that Memphis wanted Spurs to keep the last two matches in the regular season. Guess who was watching? A Spurs. Mostly, Tim Duncan: "In the last three or four games, the guys who try to stay where they are, obviously chose their match and want to insist on it." In other words: We know they think they can beat us. We'll see. We will see "Apparently apparently but apparently forgotten" class; I publicly declare that you have a chance against the foursome champion is never a good idea. There are usually reasons why the team has won four titles. There is no doubt that the team won 61 games and won only 46. For a single time I do not remember a single sport for my life, a team has manipulated the games of the match match,. I saw that they played a lot of teams with the team they wanted to be disappointed, and more importantly they were humiliated. Lionel Hollins and Memphis Grizzlies will soon recognize this feeling. The Lakers vs (7) Hornets

Chris Paul, when he is healthy, is one of the most enjoyable players. Unfortunately, this is the only beautiful thing that shows Hornets' chances in this series. As David West stepped down with a torn ACL, the ambitions of New Orleans Post Office also fell. What's worse, Willie Green plays at Hornets. I've never seen Willie Green for a successful basketball team.

Yes, the Lakers are jammed and playing badly, but then. This is the playoffs. Los Angeles finds the second gear. Even Pau Gasol's flop and horribly "have the zeal to call me a bad one?" the face ratchet up comes to playoff time. Congratulations to Monty Williams. Nobody was waiting for Hornets in the off-season this year. (Incidentally, if the Lakers crash completely and fall in New Orleans, I will be pink, Los Angeles is so bad that if they had faced a tougher opponent in one round, they could have pressed their knees or knocked it completely, sadly New Orleans did not have with the necessary ammunition, but worse, the Lakers will gain momentum from the upswing of the Hornets and eventually return to the place where they happened a few weeks ago.)

(3) Mavericks vs Trailblazers

Trailblazers are a trendy choice to make progress. Dallas struggled along the stretch, and besides Dirk Nowitzki, they do not have profits such as San Antonio, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Portland. Jason Terry was at this level, but he was on the downhill career as shown by the disappearance of the Spurs in the 2010 playoffs. Besides that, she and LeBron James think she's still good to wear the headband. On the other hand, Dallas was deep and defensively improved by adding Tyson Chandler.

I really like Portland, but he's wiggling. Without Brandon Roy, I do not know if I will be a go-to player in the forthcoming fourth quarter. LaMarcus Aldridge has taken enormous steps this year, so maybe he can deliver these moments. We'll see. What we know, Andre Miller never made progress before the first round and Portland fans leave the bridges after the first round.

I do not believe in Dallas in the post season, especially at Jason Kidd on the sidelines. a nursing home. In all sizes and sports that Portland can throw Dirk, someone else on Mavericks. With Caron Butler, I do not think this person exists. My brain says Dallas will jump and pull out, but I do not know my brain on board. In addition, in the second round between Portland and Los Angeles a better series would be born.

(4) Thunder vs (5) Nuggets

I'm not sure about Mavs / Blazers. Probably Mavs / Blazers, because the Portland "RIP City" jerseys are the best in the championship and Portland fans are fantastic. Oklahoma City fans are all awesome.

It's still there. I was terrified when I was watching Denver in Carmelo Anthony's time. I like Melo, but I have never been interested in your career or team. After trading in Melo in New York, I gave Nuggets reluctantly another chance. I'm glad I did it. The new Denver Nuggets is essentially a college team, but the actual talent. They play hard, they care, statistics do not matter, coach likes the team, and bustle, bustle and bustle. They are like 12 players deep in every position or they seem to be.

Wonderfully George Karl somehow succeeded in inserting four new players into his system without having to miss a beat. In fact, the team was even better. Without Carmelo Denver gets out and runs. "Melo always needed the ball, slowed the pace, and eventually put off Denver's greatest advantage over the remainder of the NBA, height, now Denver has players, depth and freedom, and they are getting more and more aggressive defending Chauncey Billups his departure also made it possible for Ty Lawson to enter the starting point of guarding where he succeeded, unfortunately Denver, Oklahoma City, was as sporty and almost as deep, worse, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were the two best players

I'm not The Thunderon is as high as everyone else, at least not this year, and after all, it's a team that has not won a playoff series. A Young, Emerging Team ALWAYS experience a devastating "unexpected" playoff defeat before recognizing It is a gateway to rhythm. In addition, trade is to make Kendrick Perkins Oklahoma City had a good deal of business but raised questions. Let's say, for example, Thunder is in the round of Spurs. In a nearby game, Scotty Brooks keeps Perkins playing Gregg Popovich deliberately put Perk on the free throwing line as Shaquille O 'Neal three years ago? In later close games, Perkins is a huge tool defensive, but he is an offensive responsibility. It's no secret that Boston often had similar situations in Boston often with Glen "Big Baby" Davis on the floor so the Celtics could not get 4 out of 5 wrong.

In any case, I do not expect the Thunder to run against Denver, especially for one reason. Against the Lakers two weeks ago, the Denver Nuggets were small in the fourth quarter. With all the attackers, the Nuggets are lost, panicked, and insecure. Denver could be better without Anthony and Billups, but they gave Denver an identity, a comfortable zone on the stretch of narrow games. Everyone knew that "Melo or Billups would get the rock, they knew that one would go and make the decisive shot, and now Denver does not have this player." The Lakers interrupted the ball, begging each other to catch the shot while they all denied the opportunity until they left the terrible shots as soon as the shooting time had expired Fortunately, the Lakers could not get it, so Denver did, but it would remain the point who takes control of the last few moments for the Nuggets Who tells Denver: "Nothing will hurt me tonight, not my watch?" The truth is that there are no such players and Oklahoma City has two.

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