NBA Entertainment Vs NBA Basketball – How Good Is The All-Star Game?

Since the height of the nineties, NBA has grown to a global level, making basketball one of the world's most popular sports. The 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona and the legendary Dream Team, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and many other stars of the NBA Basketball stormed the storm.

From then on he rose, coupled with the occupation of hip-hop culture in mainstream media, basketball and hiphop became a marriage that had to be counted.

The NBA was cool, its goods fantastic, and Michael Jordan crowned the King of the Empire. Jordan's style with zipped shorts, the air Jordan shoes and shaved heads become uniform for every serious basketball player while the kids spend more time on the circus recording than their free throws. The nineties were NBA glory days and the NBA was proud of its product.

With the growth in revenue and popularity, the championship has continuously expanded, broken and improved its successful formula. By the end of the 90s, a new kind of player appeared and the NBA had a new mentality. By the time the XXI. In the 1990s, he was introduced to playing in the NBA, as if he was going to a studio to record a Rap album. Hip Hop was the music of NBA and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between the musician and the ball. After all, the same culture, the same age groups and the same fun. NBA players liked Hip Hop music and hip-hop artists enjoyed basketball. Shaquille O & # 39; Neal has appeared, Allen Iverson has come up with a style he has ever seen in the playground, while dunks have started to face reality and look much better than video games. At that time, the NBA reached new heights and was a revenue-earning business that had overcome the basketball.

While the NBA cash machine was full, there were some disturbing signs; there was more and more fighting in the court, the games became more aggressive and the outbreak of violence became more frequent. Basketball is now a physical game, so one is likely to see the flames and there is nothing left to fix the fine or the suspension.

With the 2000s progress, the NBA came to the fore for many other reasons; on one side was the extension of China's growth-driven market base, which accelerated the NBA's global desire and set up several NBA games overseas. On the other hand, there were social movements in which high school kids rose to the NBA and the growing mix of NBA players in popular culture. The problem was that the NBA players, Hip Hop and Entertainment had to catch the remaining element in any way: scandal.

From frequent arrests, questionable escorts, reports of irregular behavior involving multiple traffic offenses, NBA players got a bad start; donated it not only to NBA players, but will stick to the subject.

It was not long before the reputation of the NBA players was negatively portrayed by the media, many have shown them as spoiled, flattering millionaires who did not appreciate their potential. Players claiming DUI, drug charges, or possession of weapons were somehow normative; there were more cases of domestic violence and sexual harassment. More and more, there was no big difference between the lives of NBA athletes and the gangsta rap universe.

However, we were hoping for the horizon when we arrived at the Lebron James junior high school with a Kobe Bryant male show who offered Michael Jordan the best of embellishment and confirmed China as one of the NBA's most prestigious markets. However, this does not end the decline in qualifications covered by the Spurs-Cavaliers finals and the ongoing battle for NBA and identity.

2004th On November 19, a fight broke out in Detroit between Indian pacers and Detroit Pistons. During the filming, Pacers Ron Artest hit a fan with a cup of drink and replied by stopping on the booth to discipline the culprit. The incident has raised enormous criticism from all sides, from fans to media, politicians, and so on. Today's Palace is still the largest black eye in the NBA.

The NBA's response was quick and clear; leaving aside the serious punishment of the defeated players, the championship decided to redefine its product and eliminate any association with the Hip Hop culture as well as categorize Thugs and immature players.

First came the dress code, the NBA was entrusted to send messages to everyone playing in the NBA, first and foremost a job opportunity, so athletes, if not in court, must accept and introduce themselves professionally . The age limit was the one where the NBA abolished the possibility for secondary school graduates to jump directly into the NBA; the league hoped it would be better to prepare the children for the rigorous and professionalism of the higher level.

In 2006 there was another fight in New York between the Knicks and the Nuggets; then there was Tim Donaghy's gambling scandal, which speeded up the controversy of the game's fairness.

It does not matter that the NBA has introduced a number of rules, such as replaying video to increase equity, and a team management rule that prevents the fight. The truth is that the NBA has done a very bad job of defining its products, and often either loves to play ambiguity or is just reactionary.

In the upcoming controversial controversy, Tracy McGrady's selection at the start of the 2010 WSOP 2010 all-star game, without question, caused some sleepless nights to David Stern. Tracy McGrady played less than 10 games in the 2009/2010 season, personally did not congratulate his team on Houston Rockets, yet he almost voted for the all-star game. Allen Iverson, who played more games than McGrady, however, the Eastern Team voted as a beginner.

Players and the media have several calls for reform of the All-Star Game Voting Procedure for cases such as McGrady and Iverson. The problem is not the All-Star game voting system; the problem lies in the definition of the "All-Star Game".

The NBA needs to seriously review its many parameters and is likely to dampen its zealous desire to include or engage media and fans.

In addition to the pad cleansing rule, the NBA has also created a "Non-Tolerance Rule" that allows referendums to make a technical mistake to a player who complains too hard about a call. Those who criticize the rule remind us that basketball is a physical emotional game and prevents players from releasing their emotions.

The NBA is proud that fans are so close to the game as to determine the NBA experience, players are available.

Is there something to be done now if players are in the emotional, physical, and high stakes game, it's reasonable to be close to those who curse, violate and stigmatize them?
On the other hand, would not it be more successful to hold back such emotions unless fans who have complete freedom to show signs and provocations beyond their own team will not be strengthened?

The whole thing is a bad combination if the players and fans are close to this, so that everyone can enjoy the great experience; the NBA has bought to moderate both the court and the stand.

Furthermore, if the NBA wants players to act and dress properly, they will also regulate court offenses; the tournament increases the level of defense in court and arena. If the tournament wants players to seriously consider their basketball career, the league's envelope should be extended to the league. Judicial struggle should have been condemned by workplace violence or violence and should be treated according to the law governing such acts. The championship must take responsibility for events like Brawl in the palace, as Artest could rightly claim it was the result of an unsafe work environment. Rathermore, should not some players threaten the championship, allowing former convicts to stay at work, after everything is ok if this is in an office?

Finally, the All-Star gaming system is a scam. On one side, the media complain that fans have wrongly judged that some players are in the all-star game; yet, the media use the same choices to determine players as "All-Star". So tell me what the Star is, someone with incredible abilities or incredible popularity? What should be done about players signing up or asking for great deals? you often hear that general managers call such large sums "All-Star Contracts". So, if I understand, will the player get a big contract because it's popular? If not, then it will be no shame to give the player a maximum contract, though he has never been in the all-star game.

The question "out of all the stars game?" often hear the media praise of some players such as "2 times each star" or "5 time all star"; what it says is no more than "twice the most popular players or coaches". The problem becomes when the elite of the game is determined using the "All-star" choices. The truth is that at this time, participating in the all-star game has no effect on how good your player is between your partners, but rather about how good your agent, sponsor, and advertising are.

To win a certain amount of money through the selection of all the stars simply says the checkout team is investing more on potential products than court appearances.

If All-Star Game is for fans, there should be no controversy about whether to vote for T-mac, Iverson or even twelfth in New Jersey Nets; it's definitely about fans, so statistics and team data should not be taken into account. However, if the all-star game is to offer the best in a given year's league, maybe only experts, players and media who are historically voting for MVP should be involved in the selection process.

When they say, the NBA role clearly explains what and who is the All-Star game. If fans are needed, let the fans choose and lock the numbers, so the media will not affect the voting process as it is likely in the McGrady case. However, if you show the best in the league, players, coaches and the media will vote for the beginner. If all of this has been done, it is likely that you will need to revisit the reserve selection, or explain that a McGrady, who has almost voted for the fans, will be traversed by the coaches? It almost looks like the All-Star game consists of two teams, The Fans team and coaches. team.

So far, the NBA has enjoyed the marriage of entertaining and professional sports with the Hip Hop culture without imposing effective limits

Nothing can ever be in the MVP season, but what's important is that the NBA clearly defines its products, because failure to do so could only cause structural flaws that will increase the ambiguity and perception of unfairness in the long run. In every controversy and in the NBA's effort to carry out some kind of damage control, gamblers are suffering. While the championship decides to be an entertaining organization or sports organization, it will look like WWE and others like FIBA; However, both of them have long-term problems.

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