Nate Robinson Dunk or how to increase the vertical jump

You know the little Boston Celtics guard Nate Robinson as the human source. In fact, the 5th and 7th guards won the NBA slam dunk race in 2006, such as Josh Smith and Andre Igoudala, the most memorable night, 1986 champion Spud Webb, scored dunk, and in 2009 Dwight Against Howard – and this year (2010) – the first three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion.

Nate's Monster Block at 7 & 6 Center Yao Ming has been a YouTube classic. So it's obvious that the guy has some arms. Actually, 43.5 inches vertical jump!

"For the first time I touched a back cover I was 12 years old. When I was 13, I touched the rim and when I was fourteen, I finally fell." – Nate Robinson

Although Nate could have slipped in the young age, he needed hard training to reach his current vertical jump. After leaving the college in 2005, a special

4 days a day, a one-day workout

It consisted of the following workout:

1. day (Monday):

o jump rope. Excellent workout to increase your foot. (400 laps)

o Sprint-and-drop. Run the basketball court width, drip, and put pressure. (10 sprints)

o Seated eighth number. Sit on a stability ball where ten important medical balls are in front of you. Your elbows must be close to your side. Slowly do eight o'clock with the ball, move the lower body to as little as possible. (15 pieces, then 15 in the opposite direction)

o Ratchet (2 sets 10)

o Bent chest press (2 sets 10)

o Standing weave roll One arm and then the other , a rep. (2 out of 10)

o Single-arm triceps extension From one sitting position, the weight behind the head (not behind the shoulder), push the arm upward until it is pointing upwards. (2 arms 10 for each arm)

2. day (Tuesday):

o jumping rope (400 jumps)

o sprint knee-high sprint sprint over the length of the basketball court, knees to the highest possible level. (20 sprints)