Michael Jordan's Successful Secrets

I've been a basketball fan since I was young. In the midst of NBA legends, Michael Jordan is probably the only timeless superstar to inspire fear, admiration and respect all over the world.

Over the last twenty years, no single basketball player has achieved a cult status as Michael Jordan. The ability to reverse the critical position of the game is simply fabulous. His superintendent has inspired great fans to millions of fans.

Michael Jordan draws the character of tension and determination that has had a tremendous impact on the personality development of countless teenager fans since his time. Despite its silent behavior, Michael Jordan has an immune internal leadership that can never afford to defeat him. It was deep inside, there was no challenge. His ability to stand up and defeat an opponent was simply awesome, and he said, "If I do not doubt, you can not see the average strip in me."

Michael Jordan's enviable competitive spirit made him the most fearsome and most sensitive opponent to other NBA players. Jim Crose's "Do not Disturb Jim" Jim Crose best described Michael Jordan as "He does not tie up his superman's cloak, do not spit in the wind and never choose Michael Jordan." After losing The Bulls, In 1998, New Jersey Nets Coach John Calipari said: "Michael's game is like blackjack against a merchant when Madonna was asked about his favorite games when he was in the Bulls game, a wonderful man

Interesting to know , we have attributed Michael Jordan's fantastic drive, one of the arguments is that Michael Jordanet had been cut off from high school basketball, and the devastating trauma of the event led to a highly competitive spirit that is not willing to beat it, this mentality makes him one of the world's greatest athletes [19659002] From the point of view of psychology, the "drive" is synonymous with "awakening." This is an emotionally charged condition that is competitive The vigilance or drive rate to a certain level is the determining factor for performance in sports or business. Along with the optimum level of excitement, each additional drive will only result in a drop in performance. This state of optimal performance lasts only for a short period of time in which the mind, the body and the emotional system are closely aligned. It is a transcendental state where one is optimally positioned between euphoria and depression, boredom and excitement, as well as rest and anxiety. In sports, athletes who are in such an optimal condition are known in the "zone".

Mihály Csikszentmihalyi spoke about the state of "flow" in his book "Flow". He said: "Flow is a highly concentrated relaxation concentration that removes everything from consciousness.

Michael Jordan's success lies not only in its extreme competitiveness, but also in its ability to quickly and easily enter the flow state or" zone "when "in the zone" is able to go with wonderful ease, floating in the air of gravity grace, and never leave the shot; this state of euphoria is addictive, knows when it is there when it is simply unbalanced in the flow state, this is the same experience it may have been in the past when you find yourself doing everything with wonderful ease as if you were supporting certain divine powers, in fact, the divine power you are in when it is in the optimum state of mind, in the body, and in the emotional alignment. can we enter such a flow state?

To compete but it does not help alone because the competitive driving force only causes anxiety. Anxiety to some degree is key to achieving flow state, but unnecessary quantity does not produce optimum performance. There is a very fine line that exists between stressed and excessive stress. The secret of optimum performance lies in the middle. According to the psychologist, the maximum potential is achieved when a subject's performance is moderately stressed.

In sports, optimal performance is visible when two opponents fit tightly together. All the major shortcomings of the opponent's knowledge in the other do not bring the best. Elite athletes have their closest rivals of special place in their personal pursuit. His closest rival is the unique person who is capable of doing everything.

Michael Jordan's most important success factors provide a valuable insight into what we can all do to make our lives successful:

– Find something that is really passionate;

– Commitment to the great hard work to perfect the basic skills and enjoy the process;

– Determine the power of your mind with determination and flexibility;

– Learn to use the regular practice of meditation and creative visualization to release the state of calm but intense concentration that improves the coordination of your mind, body, and emotions and enhances your entry into the flow state.

If you regularly experience the state of flow in your activities, winning is no longer important, but inevitably works best. The state of flow euphoria, which brings a great joy and fulfillment in life, a moment-to-moment experience. This is the essence of a successful life.

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