Michael Jordan killed the game

The most recognizable name in basketball history is Michael Jordan. The world has no corner where the mention of "Michael" flips. As far as Air Jordan has given the game, is it possible he is responsible for killing the game?

Michael Jordan cut off his team as a young team. Since that day he has been committed to doing the best he can. The odd car in Jordan is legendary. His ability to score, dunk, defense, and victory is odd. Of all the activities he owns, his or her competitive spirit may be the best property. There is nothing to gain from Jordan and success.

When Michael Jordan peaked in the late 1980s, it was obvious to the world that his Chicago Bulls would lead to a Celtic-like success. The result was an incredible 6 NBA title under the Phil Jackson coach. Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Bill Cartwright, John Paxson, and Dennis Rodman represented an unbeatable combination of skill, tenaciousness and competitiveness. Jordan, the Prince of the late game heroes, was the magnet that moved everything in the same direction.

Air Jordan Nike shoes have been sold to the millions. The shoe reflects his play. Smooth, slim, powerful and explosive. Some people remember that Michael only developed after stroke after years of persecution, as he pursued perfection. Finally he was able to put the ball on the floor, which made him unstoppable. His leadership was strong, fast and acrobatic. Getting into the basket prompted the Detroit Pistons to develop a complicated "Jordan Rule" in order to slow down. Nothing slowed down Michael Jordan.

The Michael Jordan phenomenon has created new basketball terms in the game. Players have worked everywhere to "place on the floor" or "go to the edge". How many times did you hear "And 1" when a shot was dropped from the drifting drive? Dribbling is slowly becoming the preferred mode for NBA scoring points. Like many popular trends, "bouncing" has changed the ability to dominate individual practice. Players from the NBA to the school have worked to improve the ball's ability and driving ability.

With Michael flooding on the platform, players worldwide have perfected this ability in practice. Was this activity good for the game? He was not only focused on dribbling and driving, but a jump shot. Since the day of Michael Jordan's glory, the art of shooting has declined steadily. Shots have been shrinking for years. The percentage of sad free throws is at the NBA, college and high school level. The kids grow up without being able to shoot the ball continuously. Of course, you can not really blame for Jordan, but you're responsible for reputation. His celebrity was so scary that when he started making semi-trailer hunting, all the kids in the American gymnasium would work tirelessly to do the same.

The problem with the dribliant drive is that every second takes seconds away from shot jumping footage. If repentance leads to a master, the lack of repetition is the same as mediocrity. Shooters are not born. They are made from sweat, hard work and thousands of shots. The dance houses are no longer loaded in the gym. Where did the gym rats go?

Enjoy most of the gymnasiums today and you'll see that the three lines line up with kids. They hang on this line not to shoot, but to run to the edge to try to dunk. Most kids have no chance of dunk, not to mention the edge. The SportsCenter is still fresh in their minds. They spend as many hours trying to beat it once. What a waste of time is most coaches. Why? The games will not be won by the drive and the dunk. They gain the toughness, the fundamentals and the shooting. Yes, I wrote it.

Our children need to be redone in love by shooting a jump. No matter how big a slam dunk, you will never place three points on the scoreboard as the popular three-point shot. Both the drive and the bounce shot occupy a place in basketball's great play. They can stay together in balance. Open the door and call for passion in the workout room.