Michael Jordan Biography – Ten great facts

It goes without saying that Michael Jordan's biography is very exciting. As a passionate fan, you probably want to know more about this fantastic player. So let's talk about top ten great facts about Michael Jordan

1. Michael started his career at Chapel Hill, North Carolina University.

He was the best player on campus, of course. Joined the Chicago Bulls in 1984

Who does not dream of playing in the NBA? Michael definitely did it! Started playing in the NBA in 1984, joined one of the biggest NBA clubs – the Chicago Bulls

. First Season with Bulls

Not every newcomer can be in his first team competition during the first season. It was Michael doing it.

4th Soon he received his big nickname

"Air Jordan" and "Air Airness" for the wonderful nicknames he earned. Because nicknames say Michael did not run – fly. Slam pots are the best in basketball history and very few other players can achieve the same results

. In 1992 and 1993 he received two more titles in Bulls

in 1992 and 1993 for two more consecutive titles. During his professional career, he led three NBA championship titles. Left Basketball 1 Seasons 1993-1994

In the season 93/94, Michael decided to change the sport to pursue his baseball career. He returned to next season to shake the world again

. Return

Jordan joined the Bull in 1995 to request three more titles in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

8th Another retirement. Really?

Michael retired in 1999, but could not live without basketball

9. Return!

What a great player! In 2001 he returned to basketball and joined another club: "Washington Wizards". What a great devotion!

10th Some Business Participation

During his career, Michael Jordan participated in some ventures. For example, Nike Air Jordan shoes are well-known throughout the world

In this article, we discussed the ten great facts about Michael Jordan's biography – the player he loves millions of people around the world!

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