Michael Grange's greatest basketball music

For basketball fans, Michael Grange's "Basketball's Greatest Stars," Wayne Embry's Foreword, is a fun, large-sized coffee table type book with lots of colorful photos, interesting inscriptions, fun career enhancements, statistics and trivia. The book contains fifty profiles with which the author chooses the greatest basketball player of all time. Regardless of who is listed on the best players list, most of them are not all in this book.

In Wayne Embry's preface, who spent more than 50 years in the professional basketball business, including Celtic in 1967 -68 league seasons, claims he does not really like to say that a player is better than the other, but Michael Grange you can not blame them because they compare them because basketball fans do this. That's why this book is for fans of the game. Finding fun, choosing Grange, reading about your own favorites, and comparing your list with yours. The book also gives you ammunition when you compare your grandparents with friends and why you believe them.

After the introduction and the preface, there is a brief chapter on moments shaping the NBA, such as the merger of BAA and NBL, band widening, shot clock, ABA-NBA merger, and David Stern's appointment of some among others. Not to mention some great photos, including one of my favorites, Julius Erving, who rose to the basket.

Next is Best of the Best. The twenty-five players shown here are Abdul-Jabbar, Barkley, Barry, Baylor, Bird, Bryant, Chamberlain, Cousy, Duncan, Erving, Frazier, Garnett, Havlicek, James, Johnson, Jordan, Malone, Mikan, Olajuwan Neal, Pettit, Robertson , Russell and West. Great photos, profiles, career extras and facts are included. The profiles contain only two pages but are enough to remind us of these great players and what they did.

Next is the chapter "International Game". This is a short section that illustrates that basketball is actually a global sport.

Next is Best of the Rest. The second half of Grange's 50 bests are Archibald, Cowens, DeBusschere, Drexler, Ewing, Greer, Hayes, Howard, Iverson, Jones, Kidd, Maravich, Nash, Nowitzki, Paul, Payton, Pippen, Robinson, Reed, Sharman, , Wade, Wilkins and Worthy. The profiles are arranged in the same way as the first twenty-five.

Next is the short section on new mathematics and how to see what goes beyond the players to display numbers. Then let's look at the franchises briefly. One side is a team and has the team's origins and the glory years or the glamor of glory for every team. There are also some interesting facts about each team in the box and a photo of a team player.

This book is about the NBA Finals and the Index so you can easily find your favorite games. The back of the book says, "The biggest music in basketball is flying to every fan." I accept!