Lebron Arrives Early – Look at Duncan and Jordan!

The most successful high school basketball player has had very little chance of meeting the expectations of basketball fans who were struggling with another Jordanian-proportional player. The hype was so irregular that they talked about the Sports Illustrated cover (they talked about someone's chances, that is, the curse) when he was a high school leader, "The Selected One". It sounded like God had chosen to have a second son (it's a bit harder to find a virgin this time), raised him to save the basketball world and that God had chosen to be the best basketball player ever. High order for man. Incredible pressure for a mere mortal. How unfair it is for basketball scouts and the media to do this for a teenager. Well, "The King" has arrived and is ready for the throne sooner than expected. This sounds like a compiled story: an over-athlete who has in fact exceeded expectations in all respects. No, that's the reality. This is the magical world of the world (you figured out) Lebron James. We welcome her kingdom and her tale as her existence.

Because of the hype, I was virtually "forced" to watch the McDonald's High School All-Star Basketball game when Lebron was a high school leader. Sometimes four times off the sofa. And they were just his passages. Four most spectacular moves I've ever seen. Every single game is a man. (A big school, no less!) Oh yeah, there were still some good theft, drive, and of course a pair of high-flying dredgers. The most obvious cliché immediately remembered "men among the boys," and that was a rough underestimation. A teenager with a body in Greek mythology (only higher). Michael Jordan's Magic Johnson passed. Oh my God (pun intended)! Although it was hardly apparent, the scouts and the media really underestimated their abilities.

But how would you do the big guys – two levels higher? As expected, James walked straight to the pros and his first television play for the max. Again I was "forced to" pay attention. Before the game the biggest knock was the absence of the outside shot. Like the legend, he grew up for the occasion, and it seemed as if it were his strong suit. Okay, it was just a shooting game, but that was not the point. Lebron, "The Chosen One," "King James" made a statement: I can handle the pressure, and all the weaknesses I see in my game will be fixed with hard work and determination. He allowed the world to be aware of his spiritual hardship and ridiculous talent and athletic ability. Not because Jordan defeated Georgetown in the NCAA finals, and in 16 seconds he made such a significant statement in the sport world (or at least in the basketball world). After the game, all my friends and acquaintances who were sports fans were the only question now: He's always the best basketball player, or just the second biggest basketball player (after Jordan – a perfect basketball if you have one)? It was a daring statement after only demonstrating a professional game and taking into account all the great players and carers in front of him. (And almost blasphemy comes from a huge Jordan fan like me, but not really since it is the first or second largest ever since.) On June 3, 2007, James was now led by "his" Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals only in Season 4, I feel exactly the same way. If you are a basketball fan, you've heard that the NBA is playing "where legends are made". Get ready because it will be shocking if James does not become legendary in the last 10 or 12 years of the NBA, and he has been the best sports competitor since Jordan.

But before we get lost (and difficult with James), Lebron has a lot of work and has to do a lot before being the first or second best basketball player. First and foremost, James needs to be a great defender. Jordan's greatest was that he was the best offensive player ever and probably the second best defensive player ever (after Bill Russell). James, while being a very good defender (and playing some great defense yesterday), is now close to him. However, let's not forget it is only 22 years old. Second, the free throwing shot must be improved – this year it fought, only fired 70%. This will not do it. (Jordan, if you're curious, 84% in his career). During his career, James fired 73% and made 77% of this year's games. Better, but not great, and I've seen a lot of free throws at the end of the fourth quarter. Currently James is a good but not a great shooter (46% career, Jordan 50%, 3-point shooting at James .327, accidentally, Jordan shot the same percentage.) Until the end of last season (spring 2006) James did was good at closing and winning close games. This is a learned skill and sometimes a college of some years helped in this area. However, James learned this skill at college or in the pros, this ability takes time to learn. Even Jordan, who turned out to be the master, did not really know this ability in his career. Against the gun in Game 5, Lebron seemed to have invented everything and scored 30 points out of 31 of his team (the teams made 0 to 10 in this section) at Cavaliers. double overtime to win. James was remarkable, and now the only question is whether he is consistently involved?

Both James and Jordan are a great breakthrough for the guards (6.7 and 6.2 per game), while James is the right passer (6.4 and 5.3 auxiliary games). Jordan was an excellent and probably under-represented pilot, but James James was already the top five pilot (Johnson, Larry Bird, Steve Nash and John Stockton) in the 1969 NBA (when I was looking at professional basketball). If you had just better players to get a wonderful, unforgettable pass. (He had a lot of help last night, as Daniel Gibson rookie 31 points, in the fourth quarter 19, including 5 threes in the pistols and how much he contributed to the finals.)

James still needs a lot of MVP- prize, MVP and championship to be the greatest ever, but with the leadership of the not-talented Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, it has taken a big step in this direction. Think about how much more talent he had, such as Russell, Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bird, Wilt Chamberlain (twice won) and Oscar Roberston (when he won, Jabbar). All of them were great teams and the Starry Hall was around them. Jordan Scottie Pippen for all 6 championships. Lebron has Larry Hughes. I guess the point. It's like Robin Without Batman, without Tonto without Lone Ranger, without Hillary Bill (or vice versa). The odds are directed against the Cavaliers, but the "Selected", in addition to its remarkable play, has at least one chance. Yes, the West this year was far better than the East (again) and Tim Duncan led by San Antonio Spurs deserved it; ESPN experts said a week ago Detroit would have 50/50 chance against the Spurs when they met in the finals. But the last thing I checked, "King James" led Cleveland 4 straight to Detroit, and fired in his first NBA championship and looks like playing NBA history as one of the biggest players. James has a long way to go, but after LeBron's lecture last week, Jordan's throne is no longer safe.