Kevin Durant Dunk or how to increase the vertical jump

Do you remember Kevin Durant's first NBA (Summer League 2007)? Seattle Supersonics had a 66-77 loss against Dallas Mavericks, where 2007 # 2 Draft Pick scored 29 points, but only 17 out of 17 in the field

. the first five shots in the game (two layups, two jumper and a hook shot) but presented some good moves in the process, including a nice spin step in the block. The sixth shot, the right-hand corner jumper, only hits the net. Durant in the second quarter (0-5 FG, 0 points in the first quarter) jumped 13 points (3-8 FG, 7-8 FT).

Dallas Mavericks Center Desagana Diop

"Everyone catches the shot, this is the NBA," Durant said from the block. "I can not stop myself because (Diop) blocked it, I thought I had a clear layup, but came over and blocked it." But do not be fooled, Kevin Durant can jump. It is a fact that there is a 33 "vertical! But the interesting fact here is that wrinkled wristwatch (only 615 cm) has never worked out weights to increase the vertical jumping. Using weights can be bulky and speed and flexibility

1) Jump on the rope:

This is a must-have! Almost all NBA players use this "old" practice

2) Exploding jumps:

One-legged jumps: Jump as high as possible from one leg, then skip and jump as fast as possible from the other leg. Repeat do this by 10-15 jumps

Bipedal jumps: snapping, so you're in a triple emergency now. Up and up to the surface, minth it would reach the rebound. Go down, collect yourself for a few seconds, then jump back to the highest possible level. 8-10 times.

3) Running stairs:

Stairs really help you to make a vertical jump because of the strength, the legs and the right strength, explosion. Use explosion-like movements for explosive work. In other words, let's not just get one step away, but we really jump and keep up from one step to the next.

This is just a few tasks that increase vertical vertical speed.

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