Jason Richardson Dunk or how to increase the vertical jump

If you have not already heard – Jason Richardson is a Charlotte Bobcat now! On June 28, 2007, along with the rights of Richardson and Golden State 2007 draft Jermareo Davidson and the 36th Qualifying Round, Charlotte Bobcats executed the eighth Pick of Wright rights.

But you probably know that J-Rich is one of two players – next to Michael Jordan – to win two NBA Slam Dunks. In the 2003 Schedule, Richardson left behind in the basketball world, between the legs, in one hand.

Actually, Jason Richardson is unlikely between the legs behind his head to reach the 2003 Dunk Contest for NBA.com's top Dunk Contest. Thanks to 94% of the fans, Richardson had the perfect 10 for this flush, and J-Rich for Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and others for the full title.

"I really wanted to win in the dunk race. From a little kid I dreamed of being there really and I had to be" Spin the Wheel ", hoping to get Dominique Wilkins dunk because I knew everything and everything I was able to do it Fortunately … I think there is another stick and would go to another dunk but Dominique Wilkins dunk … – Jason Richardson

Although J-Rich was always crazy hops – "For me the jump has always been a given "- that does not mean that he does not work at all. For example, J-Rich jumped

1000 times a day, 2 sets of 300 and 400 sets five times a week! After each week, he increased the number of repetitions to 100.

Jumproping is one of the most effective exercises that point to vertical growth. All major lower body muscles (calves, quads, hamstring) work and to a lesser extent the upper body. But be careful – do not jump every day, just overwork your legs, and you really lose the vertical.

Here are the other exercises that have been used for vertical correction:

Tapered Hops:

Place 8 cones in a straight line (3 meters away). Now jump quickly to the cones, one by one, on both legs. It takes more than 5 steps at a time. You can only use one foot.

Depth Jump:

Starting Positioning: Stand in a 2-in-1 box and keep the 10-key medical ball in your hand. Now let's step down, get two feet of land and jump quickly upwards to touch the rim (or throw the ball). Do 10-15 Repeat

For more skip and crucial things about the vertical jump (why it's important not to "do", the more important you are doing) please check this page Strongly recommend: