Is the Boston Celtics winning another NBA championship?

Boston Celtics's last 2 seasons were wildly the least. Celtic defeated the popular Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals on 08th and 17th at the Celtics 17th. In the 09 – while the Celtics did not repeat the champions – all they remember for a long time, a trillion of 7 series of games with Chicago Bulls in the first round. The Celtics showed why there are champions when the Bulls felt they beat them, the Celtics always come back.

If Celtics has a healthy Kevin Garnett, there is no reason they can not repeat as a champion – without Orlando Magic without Garnett in the second round. "Big Three" for Celtics – Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen do not get younger, so this is one of the most recent seasons Celtics has a legal chance to get the title.

Rasheed Wallace joins the Celtics with a disappointing season at the Detroit Pistons. This could be one of the last seasons where Rasheed Wallace can win a NBA title – 35 years old and NBA years older. In the 08-06-Wallace game, the average score was 12 points – the lowest scoring averages since the beginning of 95-96.

Glen "Big Baby" Davis got the best season in the year, in Orlando Magic in the second round. Davis needs to further develop the game if Celtics plans another serious playoff push.

Boston Celtics is not necessarily the most popular favorite of the Eastern Concert – it will surely be racing every season and will give each team a challenge after the play time arrives

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