Indiana Pacers 9-10

Indiana Pacers had a very mediocre season at the end of the season 08-9. Pacers' bright spot is its record, 25-26. The Pacers were terrible on the way, 11-30. Pacers had no scoring score, averaging 105 points, fifth in the NBA. The Pacers defense was one of the worst in the NBA and gave more than 106 points in 26 places per game.

Pacers has one of the best results across the NBA, Danny Granger. Granger had an average of 25 points per game. Granger is a franchise player who builds a team. Guard was one of the best seasons for Ford, which scored 15 points per game and helped 5. If Pacers expected to compete in the same area as Cleveland Cavaliers, the defense would quickly improve and improve.

Pacers Tyler Hansbrough developed his year-end college player – what will be the effect of the newcomer in the year. What Hansbrough lacks in his professional skills is the bustle.

Pacers lacks a scoring big man. Mike Dunleavy scored an average of 15 points per game, but 6-9 is not a real center but rather a forward. Roy Hibbert has to be better than 08 -09, as a novice Hibbert has scored an average of 7 points per game. If Hibbert were to develop a more sophisticated game, he would have to be a force because he was one of the highest players in the NBA at 7-2.

Pacers must win over 36 games next season. Pacers have a chance for core 8 or 7, even if everyone reaches their potential and defense improvements. Granger must be in every season and be among the leaders to score again.