If you want to live in the next level in your life, do not look outside, look at it

This is a little story about a boy and a girl playing together. The boy had a lot of stars, and she had sweets with her. The boy asked him if he would change his sweetness on the balls. She agreed and handed all the candy to the boy. The boy, however, jumped out of the largest and most colorful marble he had received and gave the rest to her. That night she slept well, but the boy was restless all night when she thought she could hide some candy as if hiding the marble.

The story is moral: "What you give and what you get what you deserve". In this case, the boy was not honest, and so he spent a sleepless night with doubt.

How often do we meet people who deceive themselves, blame the rest of the world, or violate their fate to their level of existence? By nature, most people play poorly and expect excellent results; when the results do not come in, the wrong game starts. Not true?

Introspect and see that you were a victim of this self-unfair defeat.

While you were in the dormitory, you wanted to differentiate your academics just to get second grade. What was the result?

While at your workplace you promised to achieve a certain result but failed to reach it. Did you and your team really play in the Commitment Game at Level 10 ?

When you participated in a workout, you were expecting a trainer to rank 10, but never took part in level 10. result?

Think about it! Why do 1% of people direct 85% of the world's wealth? Why are there only a few people with millions of followers? Why do some people sense and maintain starships? Why and how do champions become champions?

The answer is simple: they are playing at level 10.

Or believe in fate or your own destiny.

Do you think Sachin Tendulkar was destined to become a great cricket or really direct his life in such a way as to be one? When he spent less than 8 years cricket practicing for hours, he was aged over 12 years for centuries, and he was 16 years old to our national team, Imran Khan and Wasim Akram. Imagine spending hours classes on TV while playing silly games with your friends or just laughing for hours if he was going to be an Icon?

At age 37, most people ignored the results and passion of the game because they did not retreat. He won two centuries in overnight international competitions, he was the most proud performer in the test matches and was the highest runner in IPL T20 3rd edition. Imagine being forced to pressure and compromise would not have been the god of the Cricket, as we know him. The question is, why is he alone? This is because it plays a great game and is first successful in the mind and then on the track. Otherwise, he is not the only one; we have not heard of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Teresa's mom, Ratan Tata, Steve Jobs, Andrew Groove, Michael Jordan, Pele, Sergei Bubka, Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt. What did they say? Level 10 to Success!