If Michael Jordan needs help, you do

I do not intentionally manipulate the name of the famous basketball player, but I'm trying to emphasize a point and I need someone to be EXPANDABLE and SUCCESSFUL. I remember in an interview that the interviewee had been commended by Michael Jordan for doing so well, and so the Chicago Bulls were the fourth win. The humble and extraordinary basketball brought the compliment gracefully, and added, "I could not have done without Pippens and Rodman."

So, if someone is so great as Michael Jordan, you admit he would not have been so married, why do you think that the hard journey we call "life" is yours and yours alone ?

I have to admit I was abolishing the limit or asking for help at the same time because I thought I knew it alone. You do not need help, and asking for help is a weakness, or at least shows you are weak. Of course, I still think that I can do anything alone if I get caught in my heart – I'm confident and you can do it. But the question is … if you do?

He brings it to a point – love. God created and connected all of us, and we called each other friends and family. We all have the bond of what we call love. Love is because not only the love of couples but also the quickest and most enjoyable way of achieving our individual opportunities.

For example, if you have decided to start a bakery and you will do this alone, you are sure that you can do it – you do not need help. But is it worth fighting if someone has been able to get the mix or the counter? Why can travel be more difficult if you can reach it? Requesting help is not "weakness" but "strength". In fact, I can say that smart people are always asking for help … in the business world, what we call recovery for others.

Same life. We should not try to climb a mountain alone. Reach with your friends, family, and more, because that's why they are. There is no sense of guilt because we all have to do, help others with the love and bond we share.

So, do yourself a favor today … reach out to someone you love to reach the full potential.