How to win bets – Best NBA betting tips

NBA basketball betting is a fun and exciting hobby. As a fan of the game, I tried to earn a little extra income in the game's love. It has not been done yet. Below I will tell you some common mistakes I've made and hopefully you will not be trapped in the same trap.

Hunting on the Stars

When a game is enough to try, I usually make my money with my best player. I can not tell how many wagers I lost my money and faith in the Houston Rockets star Tracy McGrady. He is a classic example for a player who for any reason does not win the big game. His team is always competitive, but has never won a 1st round game. Receiving experienced players and teams that have been together with the guys for a long time is a better strategy.

Accepts underdeveloped home team

This is not a bad bet strategy for once and for a while, but you can not rely on instincts to get money. If Boston Celtics 10 and 2 travel to 3rd and 7th New Jersey Nets for a game, then the safe bet is put in Boston. The biggest time you win this bet. Betting on New Jersey is a risky bet that may give you a little better pay, but losing money in the long run and trying to predict when a wretched home team is falling off the power lines.

There are no games in the teams for 2 games overnight

The NBA Schedule is designed so that teams often spend 2 days in a row. This often involves late night travel from one city to another, resulting in less sleep and some fatigue. In betting, this factor has to be taken into account. Teams do not play the same way back to back the second day and have to accept them.

Unverified Injury Reports

This is an obvious but past mistake. Be sure to check the injury reports before you bet. This is the last thing you do before you drop your money. If the stars do not play, this is a huge factor. If players do not play, this can have a significant impact on the outcome of the game. As a general rule, players playing a bit are better at home than on the road.


NBA betting is difficult to win and consistently win. If you are earning a lot of money, you have to spend much more time and effort than just looking at the game lines. Be aware of the factors that are discussed in this article and do not place a bet that you do not trust.