How to play basketball even when you're under 6 feet

Basketball does not have to be something that high people can do. You will learn how to play basketball even when you are under 6 feet.

Allows you to face dunk being one of the most exciting parts of the basketball game and everyone wants to be able to do it. If you were not blessed to be tall, then you can work on your jumping ability to be able to resist strongly to anyone.

Vertical jumping training is the key to increasing the vertical jump. Not just playing basketball every day and expecting to jump higher. Your feet should be well trained to get the results really.

Let's see some flaws that people do when they jump higher.

Some people think the jump is about how strong your feet are. They assume that if they can build more, they will jump higher. While this is true to some extent, you need to look at the type of muscle you build. You can not build a pure slow cervical muscle and expect it to do the way you want it.

Jumping requires strength and speed. The force is good but it will not accelerate faster than jumping. Therefore, you must be very careful about getting your muscles. You need to make sure you increase the speed while strengthening.

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