How to play basketball – 10 tips to increase the vertical jump to 44 inches or more in 3 weeks

Many people were curious about "how to play basketball", despite playing for a long time. There are many reasons why people can not dunk. One of the most common mistakes is bad practice and not enough stretching. Here are 10 tips to try to increase the vertical jump in just 3 weeks.

first If you lose more weight, you will have a higher and lighter leap as your feet do not have to work hard.

2nd The squirrels are great to form a powerful stocking that increases the explosion to jump. Leg lifting exercises increase the muscles of the lower body, which are required for larger jumps and the air remains longer.

3rd Calves are another muscle group that needs to be improved to help her jump ability. You can put the calves on the stairs or on the benches.

4th Strengthen your core muscle groups, such as the absorbents, the back and the hip. The whole body works to balance the air. When developing these muscle groups, it moves higher and keeps the air longer. That's why sometimes a guy is jumping and seems to have gone up again.

5th Protein is very important for muscle growth. Make sure you eat a lot of protein. The daily intake (g) of the protein should be equal to or greater than its weight (lbs). The protein helps to create the new muscles that are needed for the big jumping test.

6th The right draw should not be missed after any practice or play. Without proper stretching the muscles can not fully develop and there is a risk of injury. Even professional athletes, NBA players, play before and after each game and practice.

7th It plays a consistent role in everyday practice. To get excellent results in 3 weeks, you have to work hard and stay focused. Make sure you are not too skilled yourself to have enough rest and eat.

8th Keep track of the results while you are working. Try to measure yourself to jump up and try to grab the frame. Try improving and improving your last workout. If you spent £ 150 a week ago, you can increase £ 5 to £ 15 a week.

ninth Speed ​​is very important in basketball. All big dunkers and jumper are fast running. The faster and stronger the higher the jump.

10th Going all the time and just trying to kiss or grab the rim with her hand. If you reach the frame, try to give weight to your body and skip it.