How to Jump Higher – NBA Players Vertical Jump Tips

The NBA stars they like the most about their game, winning the game, but they also love making wonderful dunks after the dunks and leaving the audience silent. But how are they doing it?

This is done by improving the vertical jump and since the vertical jump in the game is a very fast move, the player needs to improve his skills and strength. When it comes to the best strength exercises that help to increase the vertical jump, jumping ropes, stomach upsets, leg muscles, and upward action are also very good exercises.

But how do you do these exercises, it's very important that you start doing this from the beginning and before doing these exercises, do not forget to heat yourself and stretch the stretch first.

Jumping Rope

In fact, self-explanatory practice is just to find a comfortable rope and start to jump both legs, then skip each leg individually. Begin this first for 10 minutes and count the hops in your mind, then increase the hops and intensity level, but be careful to do it yourself, do not have to run this focus and take time to do this workout.

This practice is very well known, but if you need to explain it, I'll explain it in detail, first lie down on your back and stretch your legs, place your arm behind your head, then slowly move up the shoulder and repeat it this process, but please keep in mind if you breathe this exercise when you pull yourself and out the road.


It is very important to place the body and pad properly before you begin this exercise, the usual method for using the machine. Once you feel comfortable and at the edge of your hip, make sure that you are in the lower back position all the time while doing this exercise, the movement in this practice is quite simple. Crochet your feet beneath the pad and tighten it hard, and when you get up, raise your weight or use a bullet, bring it up and remember that the weight in the body needs to be minimal.

Steps Ups

This practice is usually done with a staged box and dumbbells, but you can use the bar as well. You step up on the box or bench in a standing position with the dumbbells, at least 10 repeats with the first leg and then repeat the same process with the other leg.

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