How to jump higher for basketball?

Basketball has always been a terrifying source for basketball fanatics.

Sometimes dunks can also determine the outcome of a competitive and exciting game. That's why most basketball players are now trying to get the perfect dunking skills for them to be able to show or shout.

However, achieving such or such a skill requires a lot of discipline. That's because we can handle it better, the basketball player needs to improve and develop his larger muscle group – the legs.


Very elementary. The knowledge that jumping requires the agility and strength of the leg muscle group is fundamental and very obvious and logical.

Downhill requires effort at the feet, and in order to jump higher, more power is required.

That's why you can jump higher and have better basketball, here are some useful tips that can be of great help to you, the basketball player.

1) Foot Exercises

There are a number of foot fights available. The good thing is that these exercises can be performed outside the gym. These exercises can be very simple and can be done when they are only at the bus station and expect the next race.

a. Stand on the ground. Then put your toes on the ground and repeat the procedure.

b. Jump up and down. You do not have to be taller.

c. It's okay if you have time. Jogging is not only a good foot but also an effective cardiovascular activity.

d. Jump with a jump rope.

e. Stretch your legs now and a. It not only relaxes you, it also improves blood circulation in the muscle group.

2) Best Wearing Shoes During Play

Today, there are good shoes on the market that are very comfortable and ideal for basketball. Basketball shoes are currently needed for basketball players.

Sometimes shoes are used to trust, which in turn enhances agility, inspiration, and performance. Imagine being a dunk, people are watching their shoes so prepare for the occasion and wear the best shoes. Your shoe tells you the stories, do not you think?

Overall, jumped higher than basketball, depending on your mood in the game. Open your mind, be happy and relaxed while playing.