How to Improve Ball Handling – Basic Guide

If you are new or new to the basketball game, first look at it before throwing it. Dropping is obviously one of the basic elements of basketball. If you do not believe me, try the "ultimate basketball" game. This final Frisbee's execution rules played 5 full 5-player basketball games. You should not mix the ball, just let it roll, roll and shoot. They quickly discovered how difficult it is to promote basketball or even get into the scoring position.

The secret weapon in developing the scum-making skills … in practice. But there are some basic building blocks that every player needs to know.

Heads Up: The goal should never see the ball while dribbling. The head should be prepared and measure the floor, focusing on the defender, the teams and the basket.

Ready to Attack: When handling a ball, players' positions change depending on the situation. The basic position must, however, be in a position where the player is balanced and easy to stop, with fast pace or change of direction. The player must turn to both knees and hips.

The fingertips (and pillows): The ball can only touch fingertips and finger pads (finger pads are under the fingertips)

The arm that is not currently used to defend the ball against the defenders.

Body Shield: Body can be used as a shield to hold a guard between you and the ball. As a general rule, ensuring that your body is always in the middle, it does. For example, if the defender is on the right while a court throws the ball, you must toss the ball into your right hand, this place between your body and the defender.

Keep it low: Situations can always be different, which may require different heights that drift, but as a general rule it is worth keeping as little dribble as possible. This makes the mistake less possible and leaves the defender less likely to steal.

These guidelines are key elements for developing strong dribbling skills. Check out the different ball management sections of the ball handling drills to find out how to start improving and refining your balls.

Ball Bearing Drills

Roller Drills

Roller Headgear, Face, Knee

Weapons are almost completely extended (slowly bent elbows). Quickly tap the ball from one hand to another with your fingertips.

Variations: Repeat the arm of the drill that stands straight in front of your face. Repeat to bend slowly at the waist (hold it back straight) with your arms down so the ball is in front of your feet.

around the world: head, waist, knees

in front of your face, move your ball in the right hand only at the back of the head, turn left behind the head and move from the right to the left to turn the ball to the left with your left hand you are in front of your face, at this moment you put the ball on your right hand. Each time you turn your head, it is a repetition.

Variations: Repeat the drill at the waist. Repeat the drill so that approx. Repeat the drill in the opposite direction

Cork Screw

The screwdriver combines the three versions of the "Around the World" drill. For making a corkscrew, a rotation around the head around the waist, one around the legs, one second around the waist, and one second around the head.

Variations: Repeat in the opposite direction

About one foot

Standing feet broader than shoulder width, knee bent, slightly bent at waist. Move the ball one leg from one hand to another.

Variations: 4 different versions. 1) Right Right Right Right Right 2) Right Right Right Right Right 3) Left Left Left Right Counter Clockwise 4) Left Hand Counterclockwise Left Counter Right


Standing feet broader than shoulder width, knee bent, slightly bent at waist. Move the ball around your feet in a figure 8 (with your right hand to the left, left left to move to the left, move the left hand to the right side of the legs, move the right leg with your right hand, then the legs turn to the left of the beginning)

Variations: Repeat both directions. Repeat the one-way repeat, the ball, and the reversal.

Soccer Trips

Standing feet broader than shoulder width, knee bent, slightly bent waist. Hold the ball with both hands, but in front of your feet. Toss (or hike) the ball through your leg with both hands, just like the football player, "hiking" the ball. As soon as the ball is pulled, move it quickly behind both hands and catch the ball as it passes through the legs, catch it quickly and pull it back between your legs and move your hand to catch it. Concentrate as fast as you can without looking at the ball. Try not to move your body up and down while going through each repeat.

Switch drill

Hold the ball with both hands between the legs, right hand and left rear. Quickly turn your hand on, so your left hand is in front and right hand at the back without touching the ground.

Foot and Throw

Stand for approx. 15 meters from the wall (or preferably partner). In this drill, both partners have a same hand-started figure 8 (in this example). This means that both players begin with Figure 8 by placing the ball with his right hand from the front through his legs. Fill out figure 8 where the last step is to move the ball between the legs from the front to the left hand … once you go through the legs on the right, the ball must be handed over to the other with the right hand. Both players must simultaneously release / be able to obtain balls when both have to start another number 8. The ball can also be dropped from the wall, and this drill will be captured by a person. Concentrate on the ball control with speed. Look at the other player in his eyes.

Version 8: Start with left hand (passage will be left-handed)

One Ball Ball

Two Hands Between the Legs

Shoulder Width. Hold the ball in both hands around the waist height. Drag the ball with both hands so that it is built between your legs and builds up so you can catch it behind you. As soon as you bounce the ball with the moves behind you to catch the ball. With both hands he keeps the ball behind him and bounces the ball between his legs to recover from him.


Stand with feet wide. Start the ball in your right hand slightly higher than normal. Quickly move to the ground, forcing yourself to throw the ball at a higher speed.

Version: Repeat left hand

High-low thorn

Stand with legs wide. Start the ball at your right hand at normal altitude. The ball is gradually made more difficult, so the ball goes higher and higher while the bouncing is over your head. Then start dripping the ball up and down until you slip as far as you can. Repeat the movement up and down.

Version: Repeat left hand

One knee + popcorn drill

One knee on the ground and one sole on the floor (90 degree knee / knee). Alternatively touching the ball with one hand and then another. Do this as quickly as possible.

Version: Use the upper part of the hand, use with the side hand, use fist

Stationary outward: Perform normal internal migration with the right-hand repeat as quickly as possible.

Version: use left hand

Between the legs forward and back

Kneel to another knee to keep the knee at 90 degrees. Brush the ball under the stretched leg as fast as possible. Concentrate on low and fast dripping.

Version: Repeat the other legs in front of you.

Leg around – both feet with both hands

To wrap a basketball around one foot with one hand. There are 4 different versions to be executed. 1) Turn right clockwise clockwise 2) Turn left right in right direction 3) Left hand movement clockwise 4) Left left foot left counterclockwise

Both around the feet (19659002) close together (a bit behind you), bend your waist and your knees. Start a ball in every right hand, low to the ground. Start the ball around the body (move behind your arm when moving to the body / to the body)

Change: both directions (counterclockwise / left)

Figure 8 – in both directions [19659002] Wrap a basketball on the leg on the figure 8 with a wide stand (wider than the width of the shoulder), start with your right hand, and with your right hand, throw your leg, left hand and back, left and right legs

Version: Go to the opposite direction

Front V Dribble

Stand with feet to shoulder width, slightly bend your waist and knees. b All this in front of you under the waist height Fold the center and lower your hand to tilt the ball to the top and push the booty back Basically you need to slide your hand g on the top of the tibia between the tibia. The ball must be steadily and consistently poisoned, ensuring that the ball is fully checked.

Version: With both right and left hand

Side V Dribble

Stand with feet along shoulder width, slightly bend your waist and knees. The ball is pulled by itself below the waist height. He bounces back at the top of the ball with his hand. Close the wrist and grasp the ball behind, then bounce forward. Rotate your wrist and catch the ball. The ball must be steadily and consistently poisoned, ensuring that the ball is fully checked.

Version: both right and left hands