How to get fucked – learn how to get started faster

For jumping sports, every athlete wants to know how to get hops because the only way to win and take home the trophy is to jump high enough. For example, basketball, when you jump higher than other guys or girls, go and dunk on them. As a matter of fact, how to do it, do not worry, because I'll tell you the two ways that will help you make the best of everything and do whatever you do.

First, before I put the techniques on, I'd like to explain why you jump higher. This is the ankle muscles that match and gives you the boost you need to jump. You've found that if you jump on your knees without bending, you can not go to the floor for 30 centimeters. This is simply because there was no contraction of the muscles. Now I do not want to endure everything so you can hack it!

  • Baby hops while sitting or swimming. What you need to do is go up and push your feet to get your toes and then come back. You will see that it is difficult at first, but it will be easier with time. Just do not do it publicly because you look stupid.
  • Consider your ankle around your ankle and keep it for a few weeks. When it's time to pick them up, you will see how high it is to jump. The best part is that they are not too expensive and anyone can buy them at a grocery store. And they are not real weights, just dress with small metal balls. It is very comfortable and does not bother you at all.

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