How to dunk in 2 weeks – Powerful jumping workout exercises that work

So you want to know how to pinch with jumping workouts in 2 weeks? It may or may not happen – it all depends on how current vertical is and how high you are.

But you can still get serious results within 2 weeks

Even if you're not dunking, you can win 2-4 in the first 2 weeks … and 8-14 in a full program.

So how do you get hops? Here are the 3 tips that work.

TIP # 1 Keep your workout "short and sweet"

A large amount of repetition only increases your stamina – not the vertical jump. Often, athletes find that they can run 10 miles after the end of the "vertical jump" program … but their hop did not improve lice

The reason is simple – unknowingly training the "slow sting "(or endurance) muscles.

And not Their Fault

Most "jumping training" practical programs provide for exercises that really only help endurance and ignore the "blast".

Many athletes think it is an explosion – even if they actually only improve their "perseverance". You will never learn how to dunk at all – not to mention in 2 weeks – your persistence.

So how do you train "fast muscles" (exploding) muscles?

To understand this, you need to understand how fast muscles work. They only work for 5-8 seconds – then the muscles of the slow hip kick.

So if you want to confirm them, your stocks will not last for more than 5-8 seconds. That is why there is a small number of stocks – in MAXIMUM FORCE – the only way to jump higher.

TIP # 2) Avoid "static" sections

Warming needs to follow what workout you are planning on. Most athletes draw "static" sections (stretching their muscles while their bodies are at rest).

This stretch actually inhibits athletic performance because it does not mimic the engine that is used for all sports or exercise.

Dynamic Stretching The Way

This means that we are stretching while moving – and it is much more similar to the exercise motor and almost every sport.

Short summary …

Dynamic stages … then short and evil jumping workouts … is to kiss it for 2 weeks (or at least we'll see massive profits on the hops).

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