How to become a basketball star

Every time I ask how my son or daughter can become a basketball star. You may be surprised to find it much easier than you think. We find inheritance in many different sports. Those fathers who were professional athletes who became professional athletes. People often think "Wow, good genes," but often this is not the case. The genes have nothing to do with it.

For successful professional athletes, are there any children who are growing up for professional athletes? It's easy because the parent understands why he becomes a professional athlete, and this is what the kids are talking about. So what is the special "thing" that professional athletes know that you do not know? What makes some families find more professional athletes in their family? This is not a huge mystery.

The secret is practice. Period.

– You practice four hours a day, every day from the beginning of poker basketball to the day you are professional, and you're likely to be successful.
– You practice 8 hours a day, every day from poker basketball until the day you turn and you * succeed.
– You are practicing twelve hours a day, heading for the next LeBron James or Kobe Bryant.
– Practice, it does everything. But not just any practice, focused practice. Repeat the same thing over and over again.

Why do you think three-point shooters are so good to score three points? This is because hundreds of thousands of the three points were shot from the points they used day and day for years. So much to build up what psychologists call "Muscle Memory".

And it will be automatic.

This is not a mystery. You do not have to be the smartest player. You do not have to be more sporty. It does not even have to be the most talented. You just have to practice like everyone else.

So what's this in the practical sense? Create a practical schedule and stick to it.

I liked to practice "one line" This is an exercise I personally developed. Pick a dozen spots in the court and take them out. I started right next to the basket and put it in place. Then he retreated and took his seat. Then take a step back and place it. And finally, he took another step back until I stood behind the three-point line and placed it. It's about four spots, all in one direct line. Now turn it around the edge of the wheel (in the opposite direction) and put it back on the key (twelve spots).

Now stand in every spot and five baskets in a row. After you make five, put one step back to the next "spot" and put it in five other carts one after the other. Keep shooting until you're done five in a row. This is all about the venue. It takes at least four hours. It may take longer to get it. When you do, put ten carts one after the other at each location. He does this every day and will be a superstar basketball player.