How started basketball

Basketball is indeed an American sport, albeit international. The game was 116 years old last month. Dr. James Naismith invented the game at the International YMCA Institute in Springfield, Massachusetts, December 1891. All of the institute's students have been trained as YMCA leaders. When Naismitht was hired as a physical education instructor, Dr. Luther Gulick, head of the department, warned him. "Then your hand will be fulfilled with that bunch of savage in the PE class." Those "savage" liked contact sports such as rugby and football, but they hated internal exercises like speeding, throwing indian clubs, and busting. They were very bored and with real action it was a real teamwork. Naismith has two weeks to explain what he wanted. On December 20, one day before the expiry of the deadline, he called the reporter. He said, "I have a little idea of ​​a new game, we can set it up quickly and we will not be expensive." He gave the clerk and said, "Ask me these things."

The note was "2 apple boxes, some nails and a soccer ball". The housekeeper quickly found everything except apple boxes. However, he found two peach baskets. Naismith said, "Those peach baskets will work better than almond boxes, just fit the bottom rail of the balcony at both ends of the gym and we'll all be there." The homeowner said the same thing. They leveled them from the gym floor to 7 feet high.

When the class came, one asked, "Are these peach baskets part of the new game you promised us?" Naismith replied, "All right, listen now while explaining the rules of the game." He then divided the group into two teams, nine players to one team. "The goal of the game is to put the soccer ball in the basket, not run with the ball, and not handle, move, move, collide, collide, collide with an opponent, then move the ball to throw away his teammate . "

The first game started when Naismith threw the ball high in the air and one of the players grabbed it. First of all, awkward was the game because the players were accustomed to running the ball. But soon they got caught and started to enjoy the new game. The first and only basket we made that day, William Chase, the leader of the future YMCA, was thrown away. His team was celebrating and came out with the ladder's ladder. He climbed up and picked the ball off the basket. When he fell down he turned to Dr. Naismith and said, "Everything will be okay if I cut off the bottom of those baskets, so do not you have to climb this ladder when someone throws the ball into the basket?" Naismith agrees with the rest it is history. The only unchanged thing about the game today is the height of the hoop. Although some of the players are as tall as the width of the hoop, they are still exactly the height of the original peach baskets.