How coach Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan use motivation and self improvement to be the best

Motivation is a natural part of human nature. Everyone has the natural way to reach and express ourselves. The interesting thing about human nature, however, is that even though human beings are the highest order of creation in this material world, people can shrink and deliberately self-destruct.

Your natural leadership must be supported by self-development in order to be strong and workable. Human nature is like a plant in many basic ways. The nature of the plant grows and blooms. This must be done from the outside environment. The plant's nature and the environment work together to ensure that the plant is fully able to fully unfold.

In human nature, natural drive and cultivation work basically the same way as allowing the human being to mature and reach his full potential. In humans, unlike plants, we are able to consciously choose our goals and the opportunities we are developing.

The Phil Jackson coach, in 1989, took over the NBA Chicago Bulls leading coaching skills. the beginning. The self-development program helped him realize his dreams about the size of the training.

In his book SACRED HOOPS, in the Introduction, he says, "When I was called Chicago Bulls in 1989, my dream was not only winning the championship, but my two biggest passions – basketball and spiritual exploration." Coach so far he has received 11 NBA titles, more than any other NBA coach in history.

The success of NBA coaches was supported by his passion for spiritual exploration, development and cultivation. Many players questioned their methods and opposed their cultivation practice, but the results achieved by these methods show a personal story. Even Michael Jordan, one of the main beneficiaries of Coach Jackson's methods, was to "not need all the Zen stuff".

Player Michael Jordan was motivated by his best NBA player and won the NBA championships. Most of his athletes exceeded his NBA career seven years before winning his first league title with Coach Jackson. It is not questionable that Coach Jackson's cultivating influence helped Michael succeed in success for so many years.

Michael Jordan had to grow and develop to become a functional organizational unit before winning the first title. Before winning the first league title, he asked Coach Jackson and told him that each game could have a star performer but it did not produce a championship title. When the "magic" was done, the rest of the team would stop and watch what damage was caused to the team's overall productivity.

Coach Jackson and Michael Jordan teamed up on a path of development that changed the culture of individualism, the Bulls team, and replace team unity and co-operation among its members in order to maximize the team's full potential. In this new culture, all members of the team, including Michael Jordan, are responsible for and responsible for performing their duties and roles. Each statistic would not have a measuring stick with which each player's performance was judged.

Michael Jordan and other players in the Bulls team had to learn new ways of thinking and behavior. This meant progress and growth. It was not easy. It was hard work, but paid off the results Coach Jackson, Michael and other team members wanted.

What would have been the motivation to be excellent if the championship was not the Coach Jackson and Michael? What would happen without a consistent program of development and culture for the whole team? One thing is certain and this mistake is a threat to failure. And if the failure becomes a norm, the excel reduction can be motivated.

Hopefully you see the link between human drive and cultivation. Without the other, the island is unique, unable to maximize its potential. If you see the relationship, you can apply these principles to reach your dreams in business, marketing, sport, and all aspects of human life

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