Hornets: VP Reed retire

Willis Reed, vice president of basketball operations at New Orleans Hornets, is definitely leaving the NBA by retiring in June at the age of 65.

His three-year contract with the franchise will end this month. Reed plans to retire to Ruston, La, House, whom he shares with his wife, Gale.

Before New Orleans Hornets? Vice President of Basketball Operations, Reed was a famous player. Indeed, he knows his 10-year career with the New York Knicks, who run the 1970s and 1973 Championships. He also called the Rookie of the Year, won two championship MVP awards and was a seven-time All Star player. Unfortunately, he had to retire early because of the right knee injury.

His career ended Reed's career as a coach. In 1981-85 he was the leader of Creighton before joining the professional. From 1997 to 1999 he was the New Jersey Nets and New Jersey Nets coach, and in 1988-96 he was CEO.

Sometimes Reed was supported by the Nets organization as Vice President of Nets before returning to New Orleans. Hornets & # 39; owner George Shinn explained that he was trying to persuade Reed to stay with Nets as soon as possible and retire. But his efforts seem to be unprofitable, as the former coach and professional player have decided to retire next year.

Shinn praised the Vice President of Basketball Operations, explaining that Reed was a great man and a good and recognized coach. This explains why Reed was in 1982 at the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Hall.

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