Great tutorial for Fantasy Football

Who the hell is Big D?
Although I'm huge, 6, 39, 380, I'm not Dallas City, though I almost ate it a few years ago under a drunken rumble. (thank you Mr. Wade and the dyslexic parents). What the frog I am doing? This is a fantasy football site!

I thought before you decided to give me advice, you'd like what you know me as an "expert". Well, I've been playing and winning Fantasy Football since 1993. My brother told me about this phenomenon and said he was much more entertaining than the naturally bouncing breasts. Well, the jury is out there, but I have to say I loved this ever-growing hobby, won 6 league titles in 3 different leagues and three times I could not play the games for 10 plus years. Those who play in the FF know that things really have to go to win the championships, but hopefully most of them know that they can still win more winnings without playing time luck.

So what's my philosophy?

first Do not Design Players That You Do not Like
While I've seen this workout, it usually hurts heavily. This game is slightly intuitive and if it does not play like that, it's probably a betrayed homer. For example, this year I do not plan Edgerrin James. Last year, Edge won a championship title. Last year, the arizona runners had a negative yard as any team in the championship. So while Edge is talented, this line is atrophic and I do not take the risk in the first round.

2nd Play it safe with the first 2 chips. Guys who are persistent and consistently productive like Alexander, Tomlinson, P. Manning, Tiki, Rudi Johnson, Holt, Harrison and so on. Listen to the transition teams with early elections, with new coaches, kicking off.

3rd Do not be homer. D & # 39; OH!
This is a double response. Fold: Too many players are participating in a team, making it a weekly holiday or a phantom. Yes, a family member really thinks this is the term, run it. Fold Two: There are only so many gold mines and there is a chance that the home team is not one.

4th Go a little later for a home.
This can be translated even if I handle a handheld. Last year, Larry Johnson was in the 7th round, he knew his talent and the bad nature of the priesthood and encouraged me to dominate and win the championship. Who is this year's domestic running? Well, it would surely be surprising if LT would be damaged, but Michael Turner is my 2006 home vote. The draft will be very late.

5th Get ready
Make sure you're up to everything. If you do not want to take this step, consult an expert who will prepare you for it.

6th Do not underestimate the impact of attacking lines on success.

7th Find value. For example, if you like Antonio Gates because he is much more valuable than any other TE, then it is worth a third round in my book. Another way to find value is to risk a late round if no one has selected the Deion Branch.

Well this is the beginning, stay on …

A lot of touch

Big D

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