From foes to friends – NBA players must now come together for a good reason

Now that the NBA playoff is over, it's time for NBA superstars to get together for a better affair, namely Team USA. Over the past few months, NBA teams such as Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz, Cleveland Cavaliers, San Antonio Spurs and many more are fighting for amazing games to prove who is the best team in the NBA, in. Now that the battle is over, players in NBA teams and teams have to shake hands, work together and work together to get to Beijing in August this year.

The Summer Olympics is an event every four years. The most exciting part of the summer Olympics is basketball competition for me. I remember watching the 1992 Dream Team when they took over the world in basketball. With the players of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing, the basketball Dream Team broke the race and won the gold medal. Since then, basketball has become an increasingly wider sport, making it difficult for the US team to win gold in the recent Olympic Games.

The NBA has a lot of stars that are not from the United States. Stars like Yao Ming and Pau Gasol play for their home game during the Olympic Games, while the US team is showing some of its own teammates. So, how will NBA stars like Kobe Bryant when you have to play with your opponents to defeat their teammate Pau Gasol? Will NBA players be able to turn their opponents against their teammates and teammates?

The last 12 men in Team USA have been announced recently in the 2008 Olympic Games. Features of the contact list:

    Kobe Bryant
  • Michael Redd
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Kobe Bryant

  • Kobe Bryant
  • Jason Kidd
  • Chris Paul

These players come from different teams, except for Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams, both playing for Utah Jazz. Almost all of them played in the 2008 NBA playoffs. So now you have to be together as a team to win gold in Beijing. Can they do it? I think they will work well, but not necessarily a team that can be compared to the 1992 Dream Team. Fortunately, I wish everyone luck to travel to China as they will enjoy them after each game. Go Team USA!

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